Kathryn Fiore
Birth Date:
New York City, New York, USA
Birth Place:
August 13, 1979
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Wedding Band


Kathryn Fiore is an American comic actress. She plays Ingrid in the TBS series “Wedding Band,” debuted on November 10, 2012. She was a featured performer on the seventh season of the TV sketch comedy show “MADtv” (2001). Fiore's movie credits include “Mission: Impossible III” (2006), Reno 911!: Miami” (2007), “The Game Plan” (2007), “The Hottie & the Nottie” (2008) and “In My Sleep” (2010).

NYC Native

Childhood and Family:

Kathryn Fiore was born on August 13, 1979, in New York City, New York. She majored in Latin at Columbia University before quit to pursue an acting career.

In 2008, Kathryn married Gabriel Tigerman. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California, and has a Scottish terrier named Sophie.

Mission: Impossible III


Kathryn Fiore kicked off her professional acting career with the role of Millie and Madge Owens on a Broadway production of “Picnic” (1994), opposite Ashley Judd. She made her feature film acting debut as Bridget in the comedy “Cousin Howard” (1995), which was directed and co-written by Marc Gottlieb. Four years later, she co-starred with Giuseppe Andrews and Suzzanne Douglas in the made for TV film “Student Affairs,”  where she played the role of Amy.

After guest starring in “Strong Medicine” (2000), Fiore joined the cast of Fox's sketch comedy show “MADtv” in 2001, as a featured performer, for the seventh season. She, however, quit the show at the end of the seventh season for unknown reasons. Fiore also worked with Nastassja Kinski, Bobby Edner and Randy Quaid in the HBO TV film “The Day the World Ended” (2001) and from 2001 to 2002, her voice could be heard in the animated series “Invader ZIM.”  

Fiore continued to make guest appearances in television shows like “Charmed” (2003), “Evil Con Carne” (2004, voiced Heidi), “Reno 911!” (2004-2005) and “Jake in Progress” (2006, as Debra). She provided the voice of Peep / Press Girl in the direct to video “Tom and Jerry Blast Off to Mars!” (2005), which also starred the voices of Jeff Bennett and Corey Burton, as well as the voice of Peta Pg in the animated short “ My Generation G... G... Gap” (2004). In 2006, Fiore had a small role as party goer in the box office hit “Mission: Impossible III,” starring Tom Cruise, and starred as Nikki in the comedy film “The Iron Man.” The same year, she appeared in the made for TV films “The Jeff Garlin Program” and “Guy Walks Into a Bar.” The following year, she appeared in the films “Reno 911!: Miami” (as Cheyenne the Helicopter Model), “Stand Up” (as Sarah Green) and “Fish Out of Water: Movie Night” (short), and her voice could be heard in Andy Fickman's comedy “The Game Plan,” as Sara Kelly.      

In 2008, Fiore portrayed Jane on the comedy film “The Hottie & the Nottie,” starring Paris Hilton, teamed up with Frank Novak, Donald Agnelli and Greg Collins for the thriller movie “Necessary Evil” and starred in the Dan Dworkin short film “Knowing,” along side Britt Delano and Matt Newton. She also provided the voice of Sally Galt in an episode of “The Batman” called “The End of the Batman.” Fiore next appeared in the films “2 Dudes and a Dream” (2009), “In My Sleep” (2010, directed and written by Allen Wolf) and “Hatchet II” (2010) as well as in episodes of “Glory Daze” and “Good Luck Charlie.”     

In 2012, Fiore won the regular role of Ingrid, Eddie’s wife, on the comedy/drama series “Wedding Band,” which premiered on TBS on November 10, 2012. Her costars in the series are Brian Austin Green, Harold Perrineau, Peter Cambor and Derek Miller.

Fiore has completed filming the starring role of Dana Galen on the Craig Moss comedy film “10 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” She will portray Amber in the upcoming comedy film “Mantervention” (2013), opposite Jillian Murray, Randy Wayne and Nick Roux.    


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