Karl Urban calls for Dredd 2 Kickstarter
SP_COP - May 20, 2014 -
After Dredd 2? Karl Urban suggests crowdfunding may be the way forward...It's the project that's not going away, and we're very glad to hear it. In spite of initially poor box office numbers for 2012'...
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Karl Urban Wallpaper on Doom
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'Star Trek Into Darkness' Has Plenty Of Flash But Lacks Originality
SP_COP - May 15, 2013 -
The boys of Starfleet are back: Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Scotty (Simon Pegg), Chekov (Anton Yelchin), Bones (Karl Urban), Sulu (John Cho) and Uhura (Zoe Saldana).The film opens...
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Star Trek 3 May Center on Klingons Says Writer Damon Lindelof
SP_COP - May 04, 2013 -
With Star Trek Into Darkness about to hit theaters in exactly two weeks, talk has already shifted to the likely-inevitable Star Trek 3. Screenwriter Damon Lindelof revealed that there are already idea...