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Katharine McPhee Profile
Singer, Actress
“How could (this) not be fun? We're working with so many different legends.” Katharine McPhee (about “Amer..
Katharine Ross Profile
Academy Award nominated, Golden Globe winning American actress and writer Katherine Ross was thrust into the spotlight playi..
Katharine Towne Profile
I had this bet going with my friends that if I dyed my hair blond, Id get better parts, and I won. Katharine Towne, prior..
Katherine Flynn Profile
Katherine Flynn is the daughter of actress Jane Seymour and has worked with her mother in the films “La révoluti..
Katherine Heigl Profile
actress, former model
Model-turned-actress Katherine Heigh first attracted the public's attention when she portrayed Gerard Depardieu's disobedien..
Katherine Moennig Profile
“It's scary how well we all got along. It was this family that was formed in matter of six weeks while filming the pil..
Kathie Lee Gifford Profile
American television personality, playwright, singer-songwriter, and actress Kathie Lee Gifford, born Kathryn Lee Epstein, is..
Kathleen Glynn Profile
American producer Kathleen Glynn is widely known for her association with her filmmaker husband, Michael Moore. She has produ..
Kathleen Marshall Profile
Daughter of actor/director/writer/producer Garry Marshall and actress Barbara Marshall, Kathleen Marshall first appeared on T..
Kathleen Quinlan Profile
Academy Award-nominated actress Kathleen Quinlan, who made her film debut at age 19, got her first big break at age 22 while..
Kathleen Robertson Profile
Canadian television and movie actress Kathleen Robertson was a kid star in her native country before making a name for hers..
Kathleen Turner Profile
A woman my age is not supposed to be attractive or sexually appealing. I just get kinda tired of that. Kathleen Turner..
Kathrine Narducci Profile
Italian-American actress Kathrine Narducci was popular among TV audiences for her role as Charmaine Bucco, the intolerable wi..
Kathryn Bigelow Profile
“If there's specific resistance to women making movies, I just choose to ignore that as an obstacle for two reasons: I..
Kathryn Hahn Profile
"Every night backstage I'm like, 'Why did I decide to do this with my life?' Or 'Kathryn, you could just run. It would b..
Kathryn Morris Profile
“She’s a very modern woman who’s capable of breaking down walls but remains very much a part of the team...
Kathryn Newton Profile
Teen actress Kathryn Newton is known among television audiences for playing Louise Brooks on the comedy series Gary Unmarri..
Kathy Baker Profile
Emmy Award winning American character actress Kathy Baker first made an impact with her supporting role as a doomed hooker i..
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