Joel Madden
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Waldorf, Naptown, Maryland, USA
5' 9
Famous for:
Band Good Charlotte's lead singer
Actor, Musician
La Plata High School in La Plata, Maryland
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Good Charlotte


“I think that our goal in 'Good Charlotte' is just to be 'Good Charlotte,' and whatever happens, whatever that means, we don't even know. We just push on and tour and make music and do whatever.” Joel Madden

The lead vocalist of the pop-punk band “Good Charlotte,” Joel Madden has released four studio albums with the band that he co-founded in the mid 1990s, "Good Charlotte" (2000), "The Young and the Hopeless" (2002), "The Chronicles of Life and Death" (2004), and "Good Morning Revival" (2007). The band has produced such singles as "Little Things" (2001), "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" (2002), "The Anthem" (2003), "The River" (featuring M. Shadows & Synyster Gates, 2007), "Keep Your Hands off My Girl" (2007), and "Dance Floor Anthem (I Don't Want to Be in Love)" (2007).

Joel has also appeared in the films "Not Another Teen Movie" (2001), "Fat Albert" (2004), and "Material Girls" (2006) and shares a clothing line called MADE Clothing with his brothers Benji and Josh. The Madden Brothers also have a side project called “Dead Executives.”

On a more personal note, this 5' 9" brown eyed, blonde haired singer dated actress/singer Hilary Duff for 2 ½ years. He is now engaged to socialite Nicole Richie, with whom he has one daughter.

Sick Boy

Childhood and Family:

On March 11, 1979, Joel Ryan Rueben Combs was born to a middle class Irish-Catholic family in Waldorf, Maryland. The son of Roger Combs and Robin Madden, Joel has an older brother named Joshua (a DJ), a younger sister named Sarah (lead singer in a band called “Her Daily Obession”), and an older twin brother named Benji, who plays lead guitar in their band “Good Charlotte.”

Joel's father abandoned the family on Christmas Eve when Joel was 16 and Joel and Benji legally changed their last name to Madden, his mother's maiden name.

Joel, nicknamed “Sick Boy,” attended La Plata High School in La Plata, Maryland. He was considered a loser in high school, which inspired “The Anthem.”

"I got kicked out of class so much and it wasn't fair because I was just talking. In class, if there was a pretty girl, I would just try to talk [to her] all the time. I like to talk, especially to girls, and I got kicked out of class all the time. The teacher would be like 'All right, stop,' and I'd be like 'Okay,' and keep talking. Then I'd try to impress her and it wouldn't really work. I'd get kicked out for trying to be funny, like they'd call me up to read and I'd read the wrong thing. I didn't take high school very seriously." Joel Madden

Joel dated singer/actress Hilary Duff (born September 28, 1987) for 2 ½ years, but their relationship ended in mid November of 2006, supposedly due to their 8 year age difference (Duff was 19 at the time of the breakup, Madden was 27).

About his relationship with Duff, Joel commented, "This is the slowest relationship, physically, that I've had. It's grown at the right pace, organically and naturally."

In March 2007, Joel became engaged to socialite Nicole Richie (born September 21, 1981), the adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie. They have one daughter together, Harlow Winter Kate Madden, who was born on January 11, 2008.

On life on the road before he began seeing Nicole Richie, Joel recalled, “Back when we were on our first tour, you'd always meet some hot girl at the show and would have six hours to kill, so you end up going to her house. But you don't know she has a boyfriend. You end up hiding in the closet when he comes home. There were plenty of those (incidents). There was never a time when I actually got chased down by a boyfriend. I just had to wait until the girl got him out. I would be sitting in the closet, sweating bullets for, like, an hour.”

In August 2008, Joel and Nicole announced their plan to launch a new website for their charity, the Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation, which will allow poor families across the U.S. to set up “wish-lists” to provide for their babies. By September 2008, the foundation had raised $10,000 towards their goal of $35,000 to build a playground for needy children at the Beyond Shelter in Los Angeles.

Joel is vegan and eats ketchup on everything. He has a dog (a boxer) named Cashdogg (aka Cash). Joel currently resides in Glendale, California, with Nicole Richie and Harlow.

The Young and the Hopeless


After going to a Beastie Boys concert with his twin brother at the age of 16, Joel Madden decided to start a band with his brother and several friends. Introduced by their older brother Josh to punk rock music performed by “Rancid” and “Social Distortion,” they formed a band called “Good Charlotte,” whose names was inspired by the children's book called "Good Charlotte: The Girls of Good Day Orphanage" written by Carol Beach York. Benji and Joel were joined by Billy Martin (guitars, keyboards), Paul Thomas (bass guitar), and Aaron Escolopio (drums), who would later be replaced by Dean Butterworth.

Getting their first gig playing to a crowd of twenty people in a basement, the band began playing at small venues and played some dates with the band "Blink-182." They eventually signed with Epic Records in 1999 and released their self-titled debut album in 2000, which spawned the singles "Little Things," "The Motivation Proclamation," "The Click," and "Festival Song."

“Good Charlotte” emerged into mainstream popularity in 2002 when they released their sophomore album, "The Young and the Hopeless," which received triple platinum certification. It yielded their breakthrough single, "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous," which was followed by "The Anthem," "Girls & Boys," "The Young & the Hopeless," and "Hold On."

In 2004, they released a live album, "Bootlegs," and their third album, "The Chronicles of Life and Death." Singles released from the album include the two hits "Predictable" and "I Just Wanna Live," as well as "The Chronicles of Life and Death" and "We Believe."

"Good Morning Revival," the fourth studio album by “Good Charlotte,” hit the music stores on March 27, 2007. The album spun off the singles "The River," "Keep Your Hands off My Girl," "Dance Floor Anthem (I Don't Want to Be in Love)," "Misery," and "Where Would We Be Now."

Recently, on November 25, 2008, "Good Charlotte" released "Greatest Remixes," a greatest hits’ compilation album with a dance remix to their original songs.

While busy working with “Good Charlotte,” Joel has also contributed his voice as a guest in Simple Plan's song "You Don't Mean Anything" (2002), N*E*R*D's "Jump" (2004), X-Ecutioners's "Let's Go," Tommy Lee's "Tired" (2005), J-Kwon's "Blockstar" and "No More Cryin'" (2007), Bizzy Bone's "I'm the One" (2008), Three 6 Mafia's "My Own Way" (Remix; 2008), and Junior Sanchez's "Elevator" (2008). He also appeared in Hoopeston’s "Same Direction" music video and the 2001 film “Not Another Teen Movie.” He then had a cameo appearance (with the other band members) in the 2004 film “Fat Albert” and the 2006 film staring then girlfriend Hilary Duff, “Material Girls,” with his brother Benji.

Additionally, Joel has a record label called DC Flag Records with Benji and shares the clothing line MADE with him. The Madden Brothers also have a side project called “Dead Executives” and have produced and co-written three songs on Hilary Duff's “Most Wanted” album.


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