Jennifer Grey
Birth Date:
March 26, 1960
Birth Place:
New York, New York, USA
5' 3" (1.60 m)
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Dirty Dancing


“I don't remember ever not knowing about acting. I never remember wanting any other life. It was normal life. It looked great and was really fun, being on the road and backstage seeing the dancers warming up, listening to the orchestra warming up, applying makeup, putting on costumes. It was all pretty fantastic.” Jennifer Grey

Golden Globe nominated American actress Jennifer Grey first came to the attention of the public as the sister of Matthew Broderick in John Hughes's hit “Ferris Bueller's Day Off” (1986). However, she is perhaps best remembered for her starring role of Frances 'Baby' Houseman in the hit “Dirty Dancing” (1987), from which she received her Golden Globe nomination. On the small screen, Grey has played roles in numerous television films and starred as an actress called Jennifer Grey in the TV series “It's Like, You Know...” (1999-2000). More recently, she appeared in episodes of “John from Cincinnati” (2007).

“I don't think of it as myself, but rather as me very well cast as an actress. She's is different from me because her priorities are different from mine for the sake of the comedy. Like many L.A. people, she's driven by fame, the desire for it, the need for affirmation. There's a desperation there and no real sense of self in someone who is so self-obsessed. It's great to play, though it would be miserable to live!” Jennifer Grey on “It's Like, You Know...”

Grey is the wife of actor Clark Gregg, whom she married in 2001. They have a young daughter. Her love life was once linked to actors Johnny Depp (engaged in 1990; no longer together), Liam Neeson, Matthew Broderick (together in the late 1980s) and William Baldwin.

Child of Entertainers

Childhood and Family:

Jennifer Grey was born on March 26, 1960, in New York, New York, to Broadway actor/dancer/choreographer Joel Grey and actress/singer Jo Wilde. Her paternal grandfather, Mickey Katz (born in 1909, died in 1985), was a comedian and musician. Jennifer graduated from the prestigious Dalton School in Manhattan in 1978 and met her best friend, Tracy Pollan, while studying there. She studied acting at New York City’s famed Neighborhood Playhouse under the legendary coach Sanford Meisner, and was trained in dance.

On July 21, 2001, Jennifer married actor Clark Gregg. They welcomed a daughter named Stella on December 3, 2001.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Although she came from a show business family, Jennifer Grey was not permitted to perform as a youngster. She developed her passion for performing by hanging out backstage when her father was appearing on Broadway. Grey did not gain experience on her own until age 19 when she landed a commercial gig for the Dr Pepper soft drink. Her first stage role came a year later when she was an understudy in an off-Broadway play of “Album,” which was directed by Joan Micklin Silver. She reprised her part when it was staged at Chicago.

Grey began her film career in 1984 when she received small roles in such movies as “Reckless,” playing Daryl Hannah's wild Italian friend, Francis Ford Coppola's “The Cotton Club,” and John Milius' “Red Dawn,” starring Patrick Swayze. After appearing in “American Flyers” (1985), she attracted attention with her famous role of Matthew Broderick's envious sister in the hit “Ferris Bueller's Day Off” (1986), which was directed and written by John Hughes. However, it was her award nominated starring role of Frances “Baby” Houseman in the dramatic musical “Dirty Dancing” (1987) that garnered the actress true prominence. Reunited with Swayze, she was handed a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical. She also appeared in an episode of CBS' “The Equalizer” (1986).

Next, Grey landed a singing role opposite Matt Dillon and Madonna in “Bloodhounds of Broadway” (1989), produced by the “American Playhouse,” and made her TV film debut the following year in NBC's “Murder in Mississippi,” in which she costarred as Rita Schwerner. She then appeared in the movie “Wind,” (1992) in which she starred with Matthew Modine, “Lover's Knot” and “Portraits of a Killer” (both 1996), and the TV movies “Criminal Justice” (1990), “A Case for Murder” (1993) and “The West Side Waltz” (1995), where she starred with Shirley MacLaine and Liza Minnelli. She also gave a memorable guest performance as Rachel's former best friend on the hit NBC sitcom “Friends” (1995).

Grey next portrayed roles in the TV films “The Player” (1997), “Outrage” (1998) and “Since You've Been Gone” (1998) and appeared in the movies “Red Meat” (1997) and “The Secrets of My Heart” (1998). From 1999 to 2000, she costarred as an actress named Jennifer Grey in the sitcom “It's Like, You Know....,” which spoofed her career, plastic surgery and other personal and professional successes and disappointments.

Back to film, Grey supported Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow in Don Ross' “Bounce” (2000) and portrayed Dr. Alice Dodgson in “Ritual” (2001). She resurfaces after several years of hiatus in the movie “Keith” (2007) and the made-for-TV film “Road to Christmas” (2006). From July to August 2007, she portrayed Daphne in three episodes of the series “John from Cincinnati,” which starred Rebecca De Mornay, Willie Garson and Luis Guzmán.


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