No Country for Old Men Wallpaper
No Country for Old Men Wallpaper
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Oscar Isaac to Replace Javier Bardem in a Most Violent Year
SP_COP - December 03, 2013 -
Actor OSCAR ISAAC is set to replace Javier Bardem in A MOST VIOLENT YEAR after the Spanish star reportedly fell out with director J.C. CHANDOR. It was very sad, after eight months of working on the...
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Javier Bardem Wanted For Captain Blackbeard
SP_COP - November 17, 2013 -
Javier Bardem gives good villain. He’s put in memorably slimy, sleazy or psychopathic performances in the likes of No Country For Old Men, Skyfall and, to a less evil (but no less weird) extent, The C...
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Penelope Cruz Is One Hot Mama: Star Flaunts Post Pregnancy Curves At The Counsellor Premiere
SP_COP - October 04, 2013 -
All eyes were on Penelope Cruz last night at the London premiere of The Counsellor with the new mum stealing the show as she showed off her curves, just two months after giving birth to her second chi...