Jason Connery
Birth Date:
January 11, 1963
Birth Place:
London, England, UK
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Robin of Sherwood


“I get it all the time. You know, ‘Will he look like him? Will he talk like him?’ That sort of thing.” Jason Connery on being compared to his father

English actor Jason Connery, the son of the famous Scottish actor Sean Connery and his former Australian actress-wife Diane Cilento, became famous in England for starring as Robin Hood in the popular television series “Robin of Sherwood” (1985-1986) and playing the title character in the big screen remake of “Macbeth” (1997). He also starred in the television biopic “The Secret Life of Ian Fleming” (1990, TNT) and appeared in the blockbuster hit “Shanghai Noon” (2000). Other film credits include “Bullet to Beijing” (1995), “Urban Ghost Story” (1998), “Requiem” (2001), ”Hoboken Hollow” (2005), “The Far Side of Jericho” (2006), “Night Skies” (2007), “Chinaman’s Chance” (2007) and “Brotherhood of Blood” (2007).

Connery is the former husband of actress Mia Sara (together from 1996 to 2002). He has a young son named Dashiell Quinn Connery.


Childhood and Family:

Jason Joseph Connery was born on January 11, 1963, in London, England, to celebrity parents Sean Connery and Diane Cilento. His parents divorced when he was 10 and they both remarried. He has a half-sister named Giovanna Volpe. His uncle, Neil Connery, is also an actor.

Young Jason was raised in London and Scotland. He enrolled at Millfield School, a celebrated co-educational independent school in Somerset, England, in which he was given a half scholarship for swimming and seized the under-16 freestyle record for the south of England. He was later educated at the Gordonstoun School for Boys in Scotland and discovered a knack for acting while studying there. He went on to train at London’s Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and later at Scotland’s Perth Repertory Company.

On March, 17, 1996, Jason married Brooklyn-born actress Mia Sara (born on June 19, 1967). They had a son named Dashiell Quinn Connery in June 1997. The couple divorced in 2002. Jason currently lives in Los Angeles and spends his free time with his son.



The son of famous actors, Jason Connery became interested in acting while studying at the Gordonstoun School in Scotland where he started the Inter House Players Group and directed several school plays, including “Hotel Paradiso,” which starred fellow classmate Edward Wessex (Prince Edward). After leaving The Bristol Old Vic, he spent six moths at the Perth Repertory Theatre, doing weekly repertory work, acting, and working as the assistant stage manager in an attempt to get his Equity card.

In 1983, Connery made his film debut as a cadet at a Southern military academy in “The Lords of Discipline.” He resurfaced a year later as the star of “The Boy Who Had Everything,” which was directed and written by Stephen Wallace. In the movie, he portrayed a college student who does not get along with his mother (played by his real-life mother), his girlfriend, or life in general. The same year, Connery was also seen on the small screen playing a conceited athlete in his American miniseries debut, “The First Olympics: Athens: 1896” (NBC). He then appeared as Jondar in two episodes of the “Doctor Who” series in 1985. Later that same year, Connery received a huge break when he landed the role of Robin Hood in the well-liked BBC series “Robin of Sherwood.” The role made him an overnight star in England. He returned to movies in 1988 in the little-seen flicks “Bye Bye Baby” and “Puss in Boots.”

Kicking off the 1990s, Connery took on the role of Ian Fleming, the writer of the James Bond stories, on the TNT made-for-television biopic “The Secret Life of Ian Fleming.” He was then seen in the television movies “Lenin: The Train” (1990), “Mountain of Diamonds” (1991) and “The Other Side of Paradise” (1992) and was cast as a geologist from Germany escaping to Southwest Africa in the movie “The Sheltering Desert” (1992). He next appeared with legendary Michael Caine in ”Bullet to Beijing” (1995) and ”Midnight in Saint Petersburg” (1996) and starred in the independent thriller ”The Successor” (1996). He gained praise after portraying the title role in a new remake of the Shakespearean classic “Macbeth” (1997) and closed out the decade starring as John Fox in “Urban Ghost Story (1998).

2000 saw Jason in the Jackie Chan-Chris Tucker hit “Shanghai Noon,” where he briefly appeared as the villain who kidnaps a Chinese princess and brings her to the U.S. He then starred in the horror movie ”Requiem” (2001) and revisited the small screen with roles in the series “Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!” (2001), “Liberty’s Kids: Est. 1776” (2002) and “Smallville” (2001-2003). In the English-Canadian series “Shoebox Zoo” (2004), he was cast as the Dad alongside Vivien Endicott Douglas as Marnie McBride, Krystina Coates as Laura and Frances Low as Ms. MacKay, to name a few. He also provided the vocal of Mr. Trollheimer Star in several episodes of “Trollz” (2005-2006).

From 2005-2006, Connery appeared in the horror film “Hoboken Hollow” (2005) and “The Far Side of Jericho” (2006). In 2007, he acted in “Night Skies” and supported Reggie Lee and Timothy Bottoms in “Chinaman’s Chance” (both 2007). Connery then portrayed a vampire hunter in “Brotherhood of Blood” (2007) and costarred with Nick Soderblom in the British movie “Velocity” (2007).


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Jason Connery
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