Jamie Luner
Birth Date:
May 12, 1971
Birth Place:
Palo Alto, California, USA
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MP’s Vixen


A Californian native who went to the same High School as Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Lenny Kravitz, David Schwimmer, Jonathan Silverman and Richard Dreyfuss, actress Jamie Luner is most popular for portraying bad-tempered characters on the hit series “Melrose Place” (1997-1999), as Lexi, and Aaron Spelling’s “Savannah” (1996), as Peyton. She is also known as Ryan Layne on “10-8: Officers on Duty” (2003-2004), Rachel Burke on the NBC crime series “Profiler” (1999-2000) and Cindy Lubbock on “Just the Ten of Us” (1988-1990). Luner has also appeared as a guest star in many TV series, including “Growing Pains,” “Diagnosis Murder,” “The Pretender” and “CSI: Miami,” as well as starred in several TV movies, more recently The Perfect Marriage (2006) and Nuclear Hurricane (2007). On the movie front, the 5-foot-9-inch performer has collected minor credits, including The St. Tammany Miracle (1994), Warrior (2002) and The Suspect (2005).

Off camera, Luner was named one of FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women” in 1996. The former chef in a French restaurant is a passionate fan of culinary.

“Cooking is a huge passion of mine. In the future, I’d like to own my own restaurant.” Jamie Luner


Childhood and Family:

In Palo Alto, California, Jamie Michelle Luner was born on May 12, 1971, to Stuart Luner and Susan. Her mother was her former manager. She has an older brother named David. Growing up in Los Angeles, Jamie was educated at Beverly Hills High School, graduating in 1989, and later at the Epicurean Cooking School in Los Angeles. She studied acting at the Professional Children’s School in New York City.

In her leisure time, Jamie enjoys hiking.

“Hiking is the best workout! You can hike for three hours and not even realize you’re working out. And, hiking alone lets me have some time to myself.” Jamie Luner



Jamie Luner made her first television commercial at age 4 for Crown Tissues, in which she appeared as the daughter of Suzanne Somers, and by age 15 had won the Los Angeles Shakespeare Festival for Single Monologues. After winning the competition, she decided to pursue a career in acting.

While still in high school, the Los Angeles girl landed her first acting job as Sheena Berkowitz on an episode of the television sitcom “Growing Pains” (1987) and went on to play Cindy Lubbock on two of the series’ episodes in 1988. The letter role led to a starring role in the spin-off series “Just the Ten of Us” (1988), in which she reprised the role of boy-crazy Cindy. Following the cancellation of the series in 1990, she found herself working as a chef in a French restaurant and did not return to acting until 1993, when she was cast in the starring role of Diana, a teen girl accidentally sucked into the prostitution world by her boyfriend, in the television film Moment of Truth: Why My Daughter?.

The next year saw Luner make her first feature film with a supporting part opposite Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Soleil Moon Frye in the basketball-themed indie The St. Tammany Miracle (1994), which she followed with another supporting role in the independent thriller Tryst (1994). Still in 1994, she also appeared in the television films Moment of Truth: Cradle of Conspiracy, starring Danica McKellar and Dee Wallace, and Confessions of a Sorority Girl, with Brian Bloom and Sadie Stratto, as well as guest starred in an episode of “Diagnosis Murder.”

Luner’s first big break arrived in 1996 when she landed the villainous role of Peyton Richards Massick on the primetime series “Savannah.” The role quickly made her popular, and in 1997, she furthered her fame by appearing on the cover of and inside the October issue of Details magazine. She was photographed in her underwear, along side Yasmine Bleeth, Alyssa Milano, Carmen Electra and Jeri Ryan, among others.

Also in 1997, Lunar cemented her status as a television vixen with her role as as Lexi Sterling on the hit drama series “Melrose Place,” opposite Thomas Calabro, Heather Locklear, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Andrew Shue. She stayed with the show until its final season in 1999. The actress returned to movie acting that same year in Friends & Lovers (1999), a drama/romance starring Stephen Baldwin.

After the demise of “Melrose Place,” Luner enjoyed another high-profile show when she joined the cast of the NBC crime-drama “Profile” in 1999, replacing Ally Walker. She played Agent Rachel Burke for a year until the series came to an end in 2000, and reprised the role for a 2000 episode of “The Pretender.” She then made guest appearances in such shows as “The Drew Carey Show” (2000), “The Outer Limits” (2001), “That’s Life” (3 episodes, 2001), “CSI: Miami” (2002) and revisited series TV as a regular on the old-fashioned cop show “10-8: Officers on Duty” (2003-2004), playing Senior Deputy Ryan Layne.

In 2005, Luner resurfaced on the wide screen since her last 2002’s film Warrior, as Ronald G. Joseph’s girlfriend, in the thriller The Suspect, where she starred as Beth James. She continued with starring roles the television film thrillers Blind Injustic, Stranger in My Bed (both 2005) and The Perfect Marriage (2006). More recently, in 2007, she shared top bill with David Millbern in the action-made-for-TV film Nuclear Hurricane.


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