Holly Valance
Birth Date:
May 11, 1983
Birth Place:
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
5' 8
Famous for:
Her debut single Kiss Kiss
actress, musician
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Kiss Kiss


"In a way I was hoping it would cause a fuss rather than be just another boring video passing by." Holly Valance (on being nude in her first video "Kiss Kiss")

Australian singer Holly Valance was tossed toward the spotlight with her smash hit singles "Kiss Kiss," "Down Boy" and "Naughty Girl."

Debuting with the album "Footprints," Valance later released her sophomore album titled "State Of Mind," who's single hit number 8 on the UK chart and number 14 on the Australian chart."

Valance also branched out to acting. She is best recognized for portraying spirited schoolgirl Felicity "Flick" Scully (1999-2002, 2005) on the long-lived Australian soap "Neighbours" (1985).

Currently, the 5' 8" tall and 34-26-34 figure is busy filming her upcoming film projects, National Lampoon's Pledge This and D.O.A.: Dead or Alive.


Childhood and Family:

Born in New Zealand on May 11, 1983, Holly Vukadinovic, or Holly Rachel Valance, moved with her family to Brighton, Australia, after her parents divorced when she was four. The first daughter of a Serbo-Croatian father and English mother, Holly has one sister named Coco Melody and one half sister named Olympia Montana. She is also related to the late British comedian Benny Hill.

A fan of hamburgers, Maggi noodles and French fries, Holly likes to hang out with her high-school friends, go to bars and eat at Lebanese and Greek restaurants. She has a home in the lively Melbourne suburb of Brighton, but is currently living in London, England, where she enjoys her hobbies: watching films (especially films with British actors), kickboxing, cars and swimming.

State Of Mind


"I knew how much everything would change. I didn't want to be famous, I didn't care about that side of things." Holly Valance

With encouragement from her mother, young Holly Valance landed an agent and appeared in Kmart catalogues. She modeled on runways wearing children's clothes and teenage lingerie at age 14 and starred in a steamy music video for Aussie boy band Human Nature at age 17.

Film work knocked in 1999. She won her breakout role of lively, cute and innocent schoolgirl Felicity "Flick" Scully on the long-running Australian soap opera "Neighbours" (1985). The character helped familiarize the public with her name and she stayed with the series from 1999 to 2002 and appeared in it again in 2005.

"You have to work damn hard on Neighbours. It is good training. I worked my bum off." Holly Valance

After listening to her demo recordings, Warner Music offered to launch her first single, "Kiss Kiss" (2002). Holly caught public attention for appearing naked in the music video and the single itself was an immediate victory, going straight to the top in the UK and Australia.

She followed it up with the funky groove single "Down Boy" in September 2002. Produced by Nellee Hooper, the song polled at No. 2 in the UK and No. 3 in Australia. Meanwhile, her debut album "Footprints" was released in October that year, reaching No. 9 in the UK and No. 16 in Australia. Her third single, the toned down mellow song "Naughty Girl," went to No. 3 in Australia and No. 16 in the UK.

"State Of Mind" was Valance's sophomore album. The single "State Of Mind" topped the charts in both the UK and Australia.

TV audiences watched Valance guest star in an episode of "CSI: Miami" in December 2004 and "Entourage" in June 2005. She will also soon appear in the forthcoming movie National Lampoon's Pledge This! Valance is also busy completing another upcoming film, D.O.A.: Dead or Alive, playing the role of Christie Allen.

"This has been the most wonderful chapter of my life. I have learnt so much from you all - and best of all I can call you mates." Holly Valance


  • British GQ: Woman of the Year, 2002
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