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Heather Locklear Profile
Golden Globe nominated actress Heather Locklear acquired worldwide fame after portraying bad character Amanda Woodward in th..
Heather Matarazzo Profile
“I'm never going to be one of those actors that has paparazzi outside my apartment. The only thing I truly have that is..
Heather McComb Profile
A child actor who effectively made the transition to more adult roles, Heather McComb has appeared in front of the camera si..
Heather Mills Profile
Former model, Human activist, Actress, Producer
England-born Heather Mills is a former model and a campaigner on behalf of several causes, such as amputees, the curtailmen..
Heather Thomas Profile
ďI wonít take my clothes off because I canít believe itís necessary. You can be sexy with your clothes on just as well as yo..
Heath Ledger Profile
Australian actor Heath Ledger first attracted the attention of American viewers when he was cast as disobedient Patrick 'Pat..
Hector Elizondo Profile
A New York-born character actor of Puerto Rican lineage who began his career as a dancer, Hector Elizondo is best known to T..
Hee-seon Kim Profile
Hee-seon Kim is a South Korean actress hailed from Seoul. She has acted in a number of Korean television dramas and films si..
Heidi Klum Profile
actress, model, perfume company owner
"You should spend your money on some nice lingerie. Big wool cotton pants, that just doesn't work. You have to feel sexy." He..
Heidi Montag Profile
actress, TV personality
“A lot of miracles have happened in my life to take me here and to me, the reason why we're all on this earth is for G..
Heidi Mueller Profile
“When she started, she had never acted and came from the reality show ... she was always very serious about the work a..
Heidi Newfield Profile
Singer/harmonica player/guitarist Heidi Newfield had her first taste of prominence as part of country music trio group Trick..
Helena Bonham Carter Profile
England-born actress Helena Bonham Carter gathered a wealth of critical appreciation and recognition with her starring turn a..
Helena Christensen Profile
A supermodel of the 1990s, Helena Christensen may be best recognized as one of Victoria's Secret’s original angels, al..
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