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Harvey Keitel Profile
Actor, Producer
“Everyone wants to learn something; maybe not everyone makes the effort, because they get discouraged. I certainly was like..
Harvey Weinstein Profile
One of the most influential and prominent figures in Hollywood, movie producer Harvey Weinstein is widely known as the co-fo..
Hayden Christensen Profile
"I wish they taught green screen acting classes." Hayden Christensen Canadian actor Hayden Christensen became wide..
Hayden Panettiere Profile
"I hate how people say I'm growing up fast." Hayden Panettiere. Entering the business at age 11 months in a commer..
Hayley Atwell Profile
“Peggy was in a position where if she was a damsel in distress, she wouldn't be of that position. And when she says, &..
Hayley Westenra Profile
“I always dreamed about being a singer, but I was quite realistic about what I hoped for. I thought, ‘Well, maybe when I’m o..
Hayley Williams Profile
“Paramore will be the neighbor that comes over for tea and never leaves.” Hayley Williams     ..
Haylie Duff Profile
Actress, Musician
"Hilary and I get along so well, it's sick. Every chance we get, we spend time together." Haylie Duff. Actress an..
Heather Burns Profile
Actress Heather Burns is known for having supporting roles in popular films like “You've Got Mail” (1998), &ldquo..
Heather Childers Profile
Television News Personality
An American television news personality Heather Childers is known as the co-anchor of “America's News Headquarters&rdq..
Heather Donahue Profile
“Acting is just something I always knew I wanted to do--acting and writing. I could read at a very early age and I lov..
Heather Graham Profile
American model and actress Heather Graham received recognition after portraying Mercedes in the teen comedy License to Drive..
Heather Headley Profile
Heather Headley is a singer, songwriter, and actress who won a Tony Award for starring in the Elton John and Tim Rice musica..
Heather Juergensen Profile
American actress, writer and producer Heather Juergensen is perhaps best known as the writer of and for her role as Helen C..
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