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George Harrison Profile
George Huff Profile
“Be sure of yourself. Know who you are and no matter if you make it, you know in your heart you are still a star.” George Hu..
George Lopez Profile
actor, comedian
“As a Chicano, I never thought that I would live in a house that the Olsen twins once lived in. Maybe I’d work..
George Lucas Profile
“When you’re directing, you have to get up at four thirty (A.M), have breakfast at five, leave the hotel at six, drive an ho..
George Michael Profile
actor, musician
A two-time Grammy award-winner, English singer and songwriter George Michael first came to fame as part of the 1980s due gro..
George Segal Profile
“I have a dread of being considered bland, but I’ve had to reconcile myself to the fact that that’s what I am.” George Segal..
George Stults Profile
“Nothing has changed (since appearing on ‘7th Heaven’) whatsoever. My brother and I still live in the same crappy apartment..
George Takei Profile
“I went to school in a black tar-paper barrack (as a child in internment camps) and began the day seeing the barbed-wire fen..
George Thorogood Profile
“There are two kinds of music: the blues and that crap they play on MTV.” George Thorogood Blues rock vocalist/..
George Wendt Profile
“Improvising is best left to those who really love it. Improvising itself is kind of fun, but the apprehension before the im..
Georgianna Robertson Profile
Supermodel Georgianna Robertson is recognized for playing Dane Simpson in the Robert Altman film “Ready to Wear”..
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