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Gale Anne Hurd Profile
“I'm just attracted to the action element of science fiction. It's great to sit in the editing room with the director..
Galilea Montijo Profile
Galilea Montijo is a Mexican actress, television host and comedian. She has starred in several television series, including..
Garcelle Beauvais Profile
First coming to the attention of public on Aaron Spelling's “Models, Inc.” (Fox, 1994-1995) as the smart, ambiti..
Garret Dillahunt Profile
An American actor who began his career on Broadway but later began pursuing film and television roles, Garret Dillahunt fir..
Garrett Hedlund Profile
actor, model
“A great amount of good is always evened out by a great amount of bad. I find it's best to acknowledge that weird bala..
Garry Marshall Profile
Hollywood director, writer, producer and sometime actor Garry Marshall is a renowned figure in the world of television. He..
Garry Trudeau Profile
American cartoonist and writer Garry Trudeau, sometimes credited as G.B. Trudeau, is famous as the creator, writer and artis..
Garth Brooks Profile
Country Singer, Songwriter
“There have been hundreds of people before me in this seat who will never be up here again and that's because the people we..
Gary Busey Profile
“It’s good for everyone to understand that they are to love their enemies, simply because your enemies show you things about..
Gary Cole Profile
"If someone comes up to me, 90 percent of the time it's about 'Office Space.'" Gary Cole A stage-trained actor wh..
Gary Coleman Profile
“When ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ got cancelled, I was enormously thrilled and was very much looking forward to starting the rest of..
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