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Gabby Soleil Profile
Making her acting debut at age 6 with a guest role in the Pilot episode of CBS short-lived comedy series "Danny,"..
Gabriel Byrne Profile
Actor, Producer, Writer, Director
"I would like to break out of this "dark, brooding" image, cause I'm actually not like that at all. In Irelan..
Gabriele Muccino Profile
“I couldn't think that someday I would be so famous, I didn't even assume the success.” Gabriele Muccino Italia..
Gabrielle Anwar Profile
“I've been hounded by a reputation of being difficult when really what I'm being is truthful and honest and I think th..
Gabrielle Reece Profile
“Once I got past my anger toward my mother, I began to excel in volleyball and modeling.” Gabrielle Reece A professiona..
Gabrielle Union Profile
actress, model
While often appearing as Miss Goody Two-shoes on screen, pretty Gabrielle Union has taken chances while building her acting c..
Gabriel Mann Profile
“Gabe has a lovely, ingenous quality - always likeable whilst playing a character far too smart for his own good.” Alan Park..
Gabriel Soto Profile
One of hottest models in Mexico, Gabriel Soto has worked for top names like Hugo Boss, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, and Versace a..
Gaby Hoffmann Profile
One of Hollywood talented young actresses, Gaby Hoffmann made an auspicious debut as the daughter of Kevin Costner, Karin Ki..
Gael Garcia Bernal Profile
Actor, Producer, Director
“Talent survives and remains while beauty is diluted.” Gael Garcia Bernal Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal wa..
Gail Berman Profile
Gail Berman is an American television producer and studio executive. She was the president of entertainment at the Fox Broa..
Gail Devers Profile
Athlete, charity worker, coach and agent Gail Devers is best remembered as the two-time Olympic women's 100-meter champion a..
Gail O'Grady Profile
“Nobody gets paid $20 million a picture just for the talent. You sell a little part of yourself too.” Gail O'Gra..
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