Fabrizio Moretti
Birth Date:
June 2, 1980
Birth Place:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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The Strokes


“I love music, but it is songs and bands and albums that excite me rather than a specific drummer’s style.” Fabrizio Moretti

Fabrizio Moretti is a Brazilian drummer, who is more popularly known as the member of the American rock band The Strokes. He and his band have released three triumphant albums, Is This It (2001), Room On Fire (2003) and First Impressions Of Earth (2006). Moretti is also best remembered by the The Stroke’s community as the writer of a song called “All The Hours You Wanted”/“Clear Skies.”

Moretti is the co-founder and chairman of the Judi foundation, a Public Non Profit Corporation whose duty is to raise money to funding research for discovering a cure for juvenile diabetes, with particular focus on an instance of the illness known as Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA). As for his romantic life, the admirer of the music of Bob Dylan has been linked to actress Drew Barrymore since 2002, after the two met backstage during a Strokes concert. Reports of engagements have occurred several times, but nothing has been verified as of yet. In a recent interview, Moretti said that he considers “...marriage is not anything that will secure the future of your relationship,” and so never plans on getting married.

Atheist Fab

Childhood and Family:

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June 2, 1980, Fabrizio Moretti (nicknamed Fab) was born to Brazilian and Italian parents. When he was three years old, Fab and his family immigrated to the United States and settled in New York City, where he attended the Dwight School. He wanted to become an art teacher in high school and went to college with a major in sculpture. Later, he left his studies to pursue a career in music.

Fab has a sister and a brother, and cousins with Kimya Dawson of band The Moldy Peache. Though he was raised in Christian, Fab has mentioned that he is an atheist.

Clear Skies


Moving to New York City as an infant, Brazilian-born musician Fabrizio Moretti became interested in drumming when he was three. At age 5, he began slapping the skins and practiced in a sound proofed room in his mother’s apartment. He met future bandmates Nick Valensi and Julian Casablancas eight years later, at the Dwight School in New York (Central Park West).

Originally wanting to become an art teacher, Moretti dropped out college shortly after realizing that his true calling was drumming. He then joined the rock band The Strokes, which consists of Julian Casablancas (lead vocalist, born August 23, 1978), Nikolai Fraiture (bass player, born November 13, 1978), Albert Hammond Jr. (guitarist, born April 9, 1979) and Nick Valensi (guitarist, born January 16, 1981). Since then, Moretti has built a successful career as the group’s drum player.

Moretti and The Stroke released their first album, Is This It, in 2001, and had the sophomore effort Room On Fire two years later, in 2003. Their third album, First Impressions Of Earth, hit the music store in 2006. With these three albums, Moretti and his group have enjoyed much triumph, and continue to skyrocket to prominence.

When on a European tour, Moretti, who was often described as the strokes “mop-headed drummer,” fell out of the tour bus and was not able to play drums for the rest of the tour, or on their drip down under in support of You Am I, who would later support The Strokes in America. As a result, the group hired drummer Matt Romano, who goes on to be The Stroke sound and technician man. Moretti penned song “All The Hours You Wanted,” performed by The Stroke (with Matt Romano on drums, Nick Valensi on guitar and Julian Casablancas on vocals) and is exclusively included at the end credits of Choose or Lose Presents: The Best Place to Start, a 2004 documentary about teenager voting starring Drew Barrymore. The song is greatly influenced by soul music and blues, featuring an organ, soul-influenced bass, and a blues solo. The Strokes’ community know “All The Hours You Wanted” better as “Clear Skies,” from a phrase in the lyrics.


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