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Food for thought: Emmy Rossum displays unique style in navy blue ensemble as she stocks up on reading material at Book Soup
SP_COP - April 17, 2014 -
Emmy Rossum is far from just a pretty face.Aside from her undeniable Hollywood movie-star good looks, the 27-year-old is book smart, having graduated with her high school diploma at the age of 15, aft...
Emmy Rossum - Shopping in LA 7/8/18
Dashxo - 07/08/18
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Emmy Rossum - Out for dinner in LA 7/2/18
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Just me and my canine companions! Emmy Rossum shares striking Instagrams of desert road trip with her two dogs
SP_COP - April 05, 2014 -
She may be single, but Emmy Rossum found plenty of company during her recent desert road trip.The 27-year-old actress took her two dogs with her as she headed out on the open road on Thursday and Frid...
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Emmy Rossum: Oh Great, Look What You Started, aka ... Watch Yer Ass Kim Jong-un!
SP_COP - April 02, 2014 -
Emmy Rossum weighed in on the music reunion she’d like to see -- Spice Girls, Abba, O-Town ... y'know real virtuoso stuff. Also, Harv thinks he can go all 007 on Kim Jong-un.Yeah, there's ZERO connect...