Edd Hall
Birth Date:
December 7, 1958
Birth Place:
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Jay Leno’s Announcer


Multi-talented Edd Hall is probably best known as the announcer for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” a duty he had from 1992 to 2004. Starting his career at age 14, he has been seen or heard on “Saturday Night Live” (1985), “Married with Children” (1992), “Blossom” (1993), “Murphy Brown” (1996), “Katie Joplin” (1999), “Kim Possible” (2003) and “Late Show with David Letterman” (2006). His film credits are Comic Book: The Movie (2004) and Geppetto’s Secret (2005). Hall co-wrote the 1990 comedy series “Get A Life,” starring Chris Elliott, and designed the David Letterman Worldwide Pants Company logo and animation.

Boston Native

Childhood and Family:

Edd Hall was born on December 7, 1958, in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Corning, New York. He attended Syracuse University. At age 14, he became an announcer at a local radio station.

Geppetto’s Secret


Massachusetts-born, New York-bred Edd Hall got his start as an announcer at a local radio station when he was fourteen years old. He moved on to television in the early 1980s by appearing as himself in the great music show “Friday Night Videos” (1983) and taking on the role of Ticket Scalper in “Saturday Night Live” (1985). A year later, his voice could be heard in Chris Elliot’s FDR: A One Man Show (1986, TV), as the show’s announcer, and he was character voices in the 1987’s comedy/talk show “The Original Max Talking Headroom Show.”

Hall went on to serve as announcer for the music series “Sunday Night” (1988) and in the comedy show Paula Poundstone: Cats, Cops, and Stuff (1990). His big breakthrough arrived two years later when he was recruited to be announcer for the popular talk show “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” a gig he kept until John Melendez replaced him in 2004.

While working on the show, Hall also made guest appearances in TV shows like “Married with Children” (1992, as tour guide), “Blossom” (1993, as himself), “Murphy Brown” (1996, as Johnny), Park Overall’s “Katie Joplin” (1999, as radio announcer) and the animated “Kim Possible” (2003). Following his departure from “Tonight Show ,” he acted in the comedy feature Comic Book: The Movie (2004), directed by and starring the Mark Hamill, and provided the voice of Big Bad Wolf in the cartoon film Geppetto’s Secret (2005), opposite Eric Roberts, Tom Bosley and Andy Hallett. In a more recent time, his voice could be heard in a 2006 episode of “Late Show with David Letterman.”

In addition to acting and being an announcer, Hall has also worked as a graphic designer as well as a writer. He designed David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants Company logo and animation. As a writer, he penned on Chris Elliott’s comedy show, “Get A Life” (1990).


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