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Elise Kimberly Profile
Elise Neal Profile
A gorgeous, mounting African-American star of film and TV, Elise Neal had her first brush toward fame with roles in four mo..
Elisha Cuthbert Profile
Elisha Cuthbert's beauty is stunning and she is earning fans by the masses. Playing Kiefer Sutherland's daughter, Kim Bauer,..
Eli Wallach Profile
“When I'm gone, I hope there's a theater in the next world where I can work.” Eli Wallach Tony and Emmy Award w..
Elizabeth Banks Profile
Elizabeth Berkley Profile
“Ever since those reviews for Showgirls, it’s like I was that woman in The Scarlet Letter except that instead of having to w..
Elizabeth Gillies Profile
Actress, Singer
American actress and singer Elizabeth Gillies is best known for playing Jade West on the hit  Nickelodeon sitcom &ldquo..
Elizabeth Hurley Profile
actress, model, producer
Elizabeth Mitchell Profile
"I know it's so 'in' to be blasé, but that's not going to get you anywhere. People feel good about doing things..
Elizabeth Olsen Profile
“Sean Durkin really wrote a complex character that really hasn't been written, and that's challenging. It's such a sma..
Elizabeth Pena Profile
Lovely and talented Cuban-American actress Elizabeth Pena has a distinctive benefit in coming from a long line of gifted en..
Elizabeth Perkins Profile
“You don’t necessarily always want to be with someone who works in your business. It takes a certain kind of couple that ar..
Elizabeth Reaser Profile
“When you know the audiences not only like what you're doing, but that they're also responding, it's as good as it can..
Elizabeth Taylor Profile
actress, model, producer
"Success is a great deodorant. It takes away all your past smells." Elizabeth Taylor One of the most beautiful screen legend..
Eliza Coupe Profile
Plymouth, New Hampshire born comedic actress Eliza Coupe is best remembered for her role as Jane Kerkovich-Williams in the A..
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