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Eduardo Verastegui Profile
Mexican actor, singer, model and film producer Eduardo Verástegui started his acting career in Mexican soap operas li..
Eduardo Xol Profile
Television personality, entertainer and designer Eduardo Xol is famous among American television audiences thanks to his wor..
Eduardo Yanez Profile
Mexican actor Eduardo Yanez established a prominent career as a soap opera star in his native country with credits on &ldquo..
Edward Burns Profile
Actor, Writer, Director, Producer
"I feel Irish-Americans are the forgotten minority group. Nobody else is making films about them. You have Woody Allen and..
Edward Furlong Profile
actor, model
“I enjoy playing people that are totally different than me. It's a challenge to get inside these people's heads and wo..
Edward James Olmos Profile
“I didn't get into this business to get awards or get acclamation. I did it because I was searching for my own sense o..
Edward Norton Profile
的知 an actor and each time out, I知 trying to convince the audience that I知 this character. Every little thing that people..
Edward Zwick Profile
的 think one of the privileges of being a filmmaker is the opportunity to remain a kind of perpetual student. Edward Zwick..
Ed Westwick Profile
English actor Ed Westwick began appearing on British TV in 2006 in episodes of the TV series "Doctors," "Casu..
Edwin Hodge Profile
American actor Edwin Hodge is probably best known to TV audience as Cody in the Showtime film Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate M..
Efren Ramirez Profile
A new face to movie audiences, Efren Ramirez became the center of interest thanks to his scene-stealing performance of Pedro..
Eileen April Boylan Profile
American television and film actress Eileen April Boylan played the regular role of Kyla Woods in the original series “..
Eileen Atkins Profile
actress, screenwriter
Elaine Hendrix Profile
An American actress who started her professional career as a dancer and model, Elaine Hendrix gained prominence after playin..
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