Donovan Patton
Birth Date:
March 1, 1978
Birth Place:
Guam, USA
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Joe’s Blue


“Blue's Clues” star Donovan Patton is widely recognized for playing Joe (2001-2006), Steve Burns’ younger brother who took over the role of Blue's owner, on the Nickelodeon's daytime children's show. The 6' tall actor first appeared on screen in the action packed, suspense thriller Dr. Ice (1996; V) and later could be seen in the 2005 thriller Black Wine. He also once appeared on NBC's "The Today Show" in 2002.


Childhood and Family:

On March 1, 1978, Donovan Patton was born in Guam, to Michael Patton (an architect) and Danene Curtis (campaign manager for a California branch of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). He has a brother named Casey Patton who works as a U.S. Air Force paramedic. Donovan is also a cousin of the 20th century American military general George Patton.

Donovan, nicknamed Donno, graduated from Michigan's Interlochen Arts Academy in 1996. His favorite sports team is the Denver Broncos, and his favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings.

Blue's Clues


A former waiter at Pescatore, New York City, Donovan Patton landed on his first acting job playing a waiter in James A. Brooks' action packed, suspense thriller Dr. Ice (1996; V; starring Reggie Smith and Billy Wade).

Five years after his first role, Patton beating out 1,500 other applicants to play Joe, Steve Burns’ younger brother who took over the role of Blue's owner, on Nickelodeon's daytime children's show "Blue's Clues." He played the role in the 6th episode of the show’s 4th season (2001), and then in the 1st episode of its 7th season (2006). His dances on the show were inspired by the classic "Saturday Night Live" (1975) skit "Wild and Crazy Guys." In 2005, his performance on "Blue's Clues” was awarded an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series.

During that time, he also played Joe in the show’s video versions: Blue's Clues: Meet Joe! (2002), It's Joe Time! (2002) and Blue's Big Band (2003). Additionally, he was invited to appear in one of the U.S highest-rated morning news and talk shows, NBC's "The Today Show" in April 2002.

In June of 2004, Patton performed "The Complete History Of America” (abridged) at The Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, New York, to sold-out houses. The next year, he could be seen playing a role opposite Jennifer Smith, Anson Scoville and Billy Cook in writer-director Ryan Rossell's thriller Black Wine (2005).


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