Dax Shepard
Birth Date:
January 2, 1975
Birth Place:
Milford, Michigan, USA
6' 1½''
Actor, Writer, Comedian
Walled Lake Central High School in Walled Lake, Michigan
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Punk’d Prankster


"I couldn't resist making jokes. I would put a zinger in at all costs." Dax Shepard.

Comedian/actor Dax Shepard was first noticed as the prankster on Ashton Kutcher's hit hidden camera prank show "Punk’d" (MTV; 2003). He subsequently transformed in to the big screen and had major roles in such films as Without a Paddle (2004), Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) and Idiocracy (2006). His most recent role is as the thoroughly obnoxious, fastest cashier in the Southwest at a Costco-like warehouse store and Dane Cook’s rival to win Jessica Simpson’s heart, which he played in Greg Coolidge's newly-released comedy, Employee of the Month.

"I gained 30 pounds and dyed my hair black for this Mike Judge movie I did, 'Idiocracy.' Then I did 'Zathura' and I had to dye my hair brown. Then I did 'Let's Go to Prison,' and I gained 20 pounds of muscle and grew my hair really long and grew a beard. I like to really change up my look when I do a movie because my acting's very weak. So I figure the more I do physically.” Dax Shepard.

The 6' 1½'' tall funnyman who appeared in Nick Lacheys music video “Shut Up” will also star in the upcoming comedies Let's Go to Prison, Car Wars, Smother (with Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler), Get 'Em Wet, and The Retreat.

Car Buff

Childhood and Family:

On January 2, 1975, Dax Shepard was born in Milford, Michigan. He attended Walled Lake Central High School and then studied anthropology at University of California, Los Angeles. After graduating with magna cum laude in 2000, he began studying improv at the world-famous comedy troupe in Los Angeles, Groundlings School and Groundlings Sunday Company.

Dax, the cousin of actor Jason Shepard (born May 20, 1980), was a class clown. He recalled: "I had to get pulled out of class every day for special ed. It was a humiliating process. Everyone thought I was slow, so as a defense mechanism, I tried to make people laugh."

In his free time, Dax enjoys his hobbies: snowboarding, motorcycles, snowmobiles, fast cars and basketball. On spending his paychecks on cars, Dax said: "I want to be like the modern-day Steve McQueen in my hobbies."



"You could not be a theater guy and stay alive." Dax Shepard (in his early years).

A race car driver at a younger age, naturally comedic Dax Shepard began studying improv at the world-famous Groundlings comedy troupe in Los Angeles. He had his acting career started with actor-director Dean Paras’ 1998 romantic comedy Hairshirt (a.k.a. Too Smooth), alongside Neve Campbell.

"They basically called in everyone in the city who was doing improv. We just clicked." Dax Shepard (recalling his audition for "Punk'd").

While doing improv at the Groundlings, Dax was called in to audition for "Punk'd." And his skills as an improviser led to his breakout role on the MTV’s wildly successful hidden camera prank show, as Ashton Kutcher’s "field agent" who would wear wigs and mustaches to catch celebrities in outlandish, embarrassing situations. He pushed buttons as Jessica Simpson’s estranged redneck relative and Kelly Osbourne’s obnoxious talent consultant. The series took off when it premiered in 2003, and although Dax only stayed on the show for one season, he became a very recognizable character overnight.

"Since they were also using my real name on the show, I guess that added to my appeal for a [movie] studio. So I started taking meetings with pretty high-up people at studios. I got lucky. The bottom line was, I had done eight episodes of a reality TV show and then I got the opportunity to be the lead in a studio movie." Dax Shepard (on his post-“Punk’d” stint).

Dax subsequently brought the same master-of-disguise act to the big screen. Alongside best pal and “Punk’d” creator Ashton Kutcher, Dax appeared in director Shawn Levy's 2003 family comedy movie Cheaper by the Dozen (starring Steve Martin). The next year, he teamed up with Matthew Lillard and Seth Green in Steven Brill's 2004 buddy comedy movie about three live-long friends, Without A Paddle, playing Tom, a Harley-riding wild child. During that time, Dax also appeared on TV, as a guest star on ABC’s sitcom "Life With Bonnie" and Fox's animated series "King of the Hill."

2005 saw Dax in Brad Martin's musical comedy Sledge: The Untold Story (starring David Leitch) and in Jon Favreau's sequel to 1995’s movie Jumanji based on an illustrated book by Chris Van Allsburg, Zathura: A Space Adventure (with Josh Hutcherson and Jonah Bobo), as the Astronaut. Commenting on his heroic role in Zathura, Dax said: "Usually I play the loser who can’t get his s**t together so this was definitely different for me. It was a blast. I got to rocket through the ceiling with a rocket pack on. I had a cool outfit and I had a helmet - so it was the blast."

That same year, Dax also lent his voice in several episodes of Cartoon Network's stop-motion animated series "Robot Chicken" and appeared in an episode of NBC's award-winning sitcom "My Name Is Earl." He recently costarred with Luke Wilson, playing his lawyer, in writer-director Mike Judge's 2006 comedy film, Idiocracy.

"I had vaguely seen him in 'Punk'd' here and there. Then I went to a cast-and-crew screening of 'Without a Paddle' and said, 'Who is this guy?'" Director Greg Coolidge (on casting Dax Shepard for Employee of the Month (2006)).

More recently, Dax was offered to star in director Greg Coolidge's newly-released comedy, Employee of the Month, as Vince the thoroughly obnoxious, fastest cashier in the Southwest at a Costco-like warehouse store who battles against Dane Cook to be the Employee of the Month and to win the heart of Jessica Simpson. He explained his role: "I approached this role as if I were Tom Cruise in 'Cocktail.' I wanted to be really flashy. In my mind, he's the Brad Pitt of Costco."

Dax just completed his newest film, Let's Go to Prison, set to be released on November 22, 2006. In the Bob Odenkirk-directed comedy about a criminal and a wealthy man who are forced to share a cell in a maximum-security prison, Dax will costar with Will Arnett. He will also play major roles as an upstart car salesman in the comedy Car Wars, and as a thirtysomething husband who after being fired from his job faces pressure from his wife (played by Liv Tyler) to have a baby and from his mother (played by Diane Keaton) in director Vince Di Meglio's directorial debut, the indie flick Smother.

“I have a movie coming out on November 22nd called Let's Go To Prison, which is a very dark, Bad Santa-esque comedy, the anti-Holiday movie. And than I start filming in January called Smother with Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler and myself. And then I'm hoping to start production on a script I wrote called Get ‘Em Wet with Will Arnett and I starring that Paramount's making.” Dax Shepard.

He will also reunite with Will Arnett to play two hot tub salesmen in Get 'Em Wet (he will also wrote the screenplay) and join filmmaker Tom Brady in his upcoming comedy about a ballpark hot dog vendor lands a job with a big company, The Retreat.

“You get paid a lot more, to do arguably less work. I consider it the luckiest event of my life that I was able to go from “Punk'd” into features. My favorite thing to do is to be on a movie set acting, and it's a lot of fun and they pay you well, it's all around a perfect job.” Dax Shepard (on successfully transforming from TV to the big screen).


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