Danielle Spencer
Birth Date:
May 16, 1970
Birth Place:
Sydney, Australia
Actress, Musician
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Crowe’s Consort


“I get quite solitary when I write - a bit anti-social. I get my inspiration from a number of places - my life, other people’s lives, my imagination. I generally just shut myself away, although when I’m writing lyrics I often go and sit in a cafe.” Danielle Spencer on her song-writing

Australian singer, songwriter and actress Danielle Spencer might not be a household name outside of her native country, but is recognized down under for her performances in such television series as “Hampton Court” (1991), “Home and Away” (1995) and “Pacific Drive” (1996) and movies like The Crossing (1990, opposite Russell Crowe) and The Game Room (1999). As an accomplished singer-songwriter, she has performed in a variety of groups as a teenager and toured Australia with her father and her brother as a child. Her distinctive vocal and musical sound scope was further displayed in White Monkey, Spencer’s debut album released in 2001. Although the album hasn’t sold truckloads of copies, it earned good reviews and Spencer is what her record company has referred to as a “development artist.” Her next album, Back At The Red Door, is being independently released in 2006.

“I’d prefer (if) people knew me for my work rather than who I’m hanging out with.” Danielle Spencer

For the time being, the Aussie beauty is perhaps most famous as the wife of Russell Crowe, one of the highest paid movie stars on the planet, whom she met on the set of The Crossing (1990). Following an off-again, on-again romance, Crowe eventually proposed to Spencer on curved knee and with a $100,000 diamond ring, in late 2002, and got married in April 2003. Spencer currently becomes the mother of two young sons, Charles and Tennyson.

Baby Loves to Cha Cha

Childhood and Family:

Danielle Spencer was born on September 29, 1970, in Sydney, Australia and raised in Turramurra, on Sydney’s North Shore. As a daughter of a musician (her father, Don Spencer, was a minor pop star in the UK during the early ‘60s), Dani started playing piano as a kid, and was writing songs when she was only 8 years old. She also toured Australia with his dad, who was then become the host of Play School, a children’s show that featured bounty of singalongs. During her teens, she sang, played and danced in numerous bands, including Baby Loves to Cha Cha, which also included her brother Dean. Though she finally segueing into acting, Dani has always persisted singing, playing and writing songs.

After an ongoing on-and-off relationship, Dani eventually married Russell Crowe on April 7, 2003 in a lavish wedding in Crowe’s farm in New South Wales. The two both wore Armani for their wedding, with Dani’s gown was blobbed with 10,000 clear Swarovski crystals. The wedding ceremony was part of a three-day weekend that included a bachelorette party, a Spencer vs. Crowe family cricket match, and a musical performance by 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, Crowe’s band. Their first child, a boy named Charles Spencer Crowe, was born in Sydney on December 21, 2003. On July 7, 2006, in Sydney, Australia, the couple welcomed their second child, son Tennyson Spencer Crowe.

Back At The Red Door


Growing up in a musical household, Danielle Spencer developed a passion for music at an early age. Her career began when she and her brother toured Australia as children with their children’s entertainer father, Don Spencer. As a teenager, she became a mini-star, dancing, singing and playing as part of her brother’s band, Baby Loves to Cha Cha.

In spite of her love for music, Spencer had her heart placed on becoming an actress. She participated in such productions as “Mission Thraxonia” at Sydney’s Her Majesty’s Theatre, and “Rasputin” (1987), where she portrayed Anastasia, and soon after that began her television and film acting career. By the time she completed high school, acting had eclipsed singing and playing piano.

After making her early TV appearances with guest roles in an episode of the American-made show “Mission Impossible” (1987) and in two episodes of “The Flying Doctors” (1989-1999), a highly successful show in Scandinavia, Spencer made her feature acting debut in the family What the Moon Saw and the drama The Crossing (both 1990). The latter production co-starred Russell Crowe, and the couple soon began an extended on-again, off-again romantic bond.

The following year saw Spencer appear as Pamela in her first television movie, Mission: Top Secret, starring Beth Buchanan, as well as land her first regular role on the Australian short-lived sitcom “Hampton Court,” as Lisa. She continued to have guest roles in “Minder” in 1993 and “Law of the Land” in 1994 before being cast as Quinn Jackson in the hit Aussie soap “Home and Away” in 1995.

While her acting career was on the increase through the 1990s, Spencer went on performing in a variety of bands with her brother. In the late ‘90s, she finally decided to write and record her own music. To subsidize the project, she undertook a regular role in the late-night sex-and-sun soap “Pacific Drive,” playing Callie Macrae from 1996 to 1997. After costarring in the show, she completed her first demo recording in 1999, and then brought it to EMI Records, who provided her money to record another demo with producer Vince Pizzinga. Still in 1999, Spencer also was discovered acting in the challenging and entertaining drama/thriller movie Game Room, as Alena.

In 2000, Spencer was seen making guest appearances in television series “All Saints” and “BeastMaster,” and shortly after that released her debut single, “Jonathon White,” in late 2000. A few months later, she joined forces with companion Crowe for an American tour, where she became the opening of Crowe’s band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. Riding high on her growing profile, particularly in Australia, where Spencer and Crowe became Aussie’s top star pairing, Spencer eventually launched a full-length album, White Monkey, in September 2001. In addition to “Jonathon White,” the album contained such singles as “White Monkey,” “Blast Off,” “Forgive Me,” and “Tickle Me,” for which Crowe directed the video clip. Though White Monkey did not ignite the charts, it was met with excellent critical review.

After several years away from her recording studio, the pretty Australian musician released her sophomore effort titled Back At The Red Door in 2006. Among tracks in her newest album is “The Broken Ones,” which now can be heard in her website.


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