Courtney Hansen
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Los Angeles, California
5' 9
Famous for:
Host for TLC's automotive-themed shows Overhaulin' (2004)
Model, TV Host
Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida (graduated with a degree in Marketing)
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Hot Rod Hostess


“I grew up in the automotive industry. It's in my blood. I haven't done any racing. I've never really gone for it myself, but I'm taking a class at Skip Barber and I'm a fantastic driver.” Courtney Hansen

Daughter of legendary racecar driver Jerry Hansen, TV personality, model and actress Courtney Hansen started out as the spokesperson for Dodge. She then emerged as the host of “Killer Golf” on the Travel channel before gaining more prominence as the co-host of the show “Overhaulin'” (2006), which airs on The TLC Network. Known as America's “Hot Rod Hostess,” Hansen has since hosted various shows on TLC and Spike TV and guest starred on TV talk shows like “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and “The Tyra Banks Show.” The brown-eyed beauty has also become a spokesmodel for the Rolls-Royce Motor Company.

In 2005, Hansen was handed a Life in Drive Award from Ford Fusion. One of FHM's “100 Sexiest Women in the World” in 2005, Hansen has her own clothing line called Auto Angel. She also wrote a book, “The Garage Girl's Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Your Car,” which hit stores in 2007, and had a column with FHM magazine called “Courtney Hansen: Full Throttle.” Talking about her column with FHM, she stated, “I think there are going to be a wide range of topics. It depends on how things go. We are expecting people to contact me and ask questions and take it from there. The first column was based on how to change your oil and how to prepare your car for the winter months. The one I wrote yesterday deals with the types of cars out there today. All of it is written by me verbatim.”

Hansen has participated in a number of charities. She volunteered for the Special Olympics for many years and served on the board for Painted Turtle Camps and the March of Dimes.

“The one closest to my heart is the Special Olympics because my Aunt Barbie, who is to me the most altruistic and amazing woman on the planet, has cerebral palsy. So (I'd say the) Cerebral Palsy Foundation and the Special Olympics are closest to my heart.” Courtney Hansen

Pit Kid

Childhood and Family:

Courtney Hansen was born in 1978 in Los Angeles, California, to racecar driver Jerry Hansen. Growing up in Orono, Minnesota, Courtney became a child model and developed a love for writing and entertaining early on. At age 15, she moved with her family to Florida where she competed in an international modeling contest and won three awards. It was after she performed a mock commercial that Courtney attracted the attention of a New York-based theatrical agency and was offered a contract, which she subsequently declined because of education reasons. Courtney later received a degree in marketing from Florida State University.

Courtney loves tennis, motor sports, yoga and water skiing. Raised in the world of auto racing, she is an automobile admirer.

“I drive a 2004 T-Bird that was actually overhauled that they did as a surprise for me with my dad. It's really cool because it is retro updated and it's got that old style and it performs really well. I love the old Mustangs. I am a Ford girl.” Courtney Hansen



Courtney Hansen began modeling when she was a child. As a teenager, she became a spokesperson for Dodge and appeared in over 20 commercials for the company. The winner of several international talent competition awards, Hansen turned down a contract from a major theatrical agency in New York to focus on her studies and later got a job as a marketing specialist for an investment firm. Her tenure in the corporate world proved brief when the unhappy Hansen decided to quit and return to show business.

Hansen worked for Wilhelmina in Miami and landed some commercial and hosting gigs, but it was not until she moved to Chicago that she landed a role as the host of a TV pilot, “Killer Golf,” and received encouragement from the producer to further pursue her career in Los Angeles. With no money and no connections, she subsequently packed her bag and headed to L.A. While waiting for her big break, Hansen supported herself by working in three restaurants simultaneously.

After struggling for four years, Hansen eventually scored a big breakthrough when she was hired as the host of “Overhaulin'” (2004), an automotive oriented show on TLC. In addition to hosting, she also helped with the disassembly, fabrication, mechanics and assembly of cars for the show. Hansen's work on “Overhaulin'” led to a co-hosting job on TLC's documentary series “Rides” (2004) and a role as a pregnant woman in the independent film “Mercy & Garce.”

“I just started an independent film called 'Mercy & Grace.' The director actually saw an episode of ‘Overhaulin' and thought I was perfect for this role, which is a big departure from my persona. Not only am I pregnant (in the film), but I am going through this grueling time. My husband is a loser and we hear the baby is born with abnormalities, so he goes off to find solace in drug abuse and alcoholism and has abandoned his life. I am at home dealing with the pregnancy, but also feel mental anguish that my husband leaves my side. In the end, I hate to give away endings, but it has an ending that involves redemption, mercy and love. The woman welcomes the husband back and they have a healthy baby. It was an amazing story, but I asked the director Steve Burton why he chose me. Tthis is the antithesis of what I represent on ‘Overhaulin.” He said that he liked my spirit, which is a compliment. He liked the spirit I projected.” Courtney Hansen

In 2005, Hansen appeared in “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and on “Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson.” She also became an award presenter on “G-Phoria 2005.” The following year found her presenting “Spike TV's 'Autorox Awards 2006” and hosting the action series “Destination Wild” on Fox Sports Net. As of January 2006, Hansen has been the host of “Powerblock” on Spike TV.

On January 9, 2007, Hansen appeared as a guest on “The Tyra Banks Show,” alongside Ève Salvail. During 2007 and 2008, she appeared in a few different television advertisements for TWC Time Warner Cable. Hansen has also been a spokesmodel for Rolls-Royce.

Hansen will play Rachel in the upcoming drama “The Hypocritic Oath” (2009), helmed by Pieter Gaspersz and written by Sabrina Gennarino. Among her costars in the film are Anya Benton, Diane Morgan Carpenter, Mindee de Lacey, Elena Eustache and Sabrina Gennarino.


  • Ford Fusion: Life in Drive Award, 2005

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