Common Profile
Actor, Rapper
First performing as part of the trio rap group CDR, two-time Grammy Award-winning rapper and film actor Common, born Lonnie..
Connie Britton Profile
“Groundedness is the quality I always want to be there, even if I'm playing a neurotic character or a woman with a ram..
Connie Nielsen Profile
"I'm definitely more attracted to chaos than to order. The point is, I find the female roles out there very cliché. If..
Connor Paolo Profile
American actor of Italian and German lineage Connor Paolo received a 2007 Young Artist Award nomination for his scene steali..
Conrad L. Hall Profile
American cinematographer Conrad L. Hall (1926 - 2003) received three Academy Awards, one for his effort in Butch Cassidy and..
Constance Marie Profile
American actress of Mexican descent Constance Marie is best known for playing Angie Lopez on “George Lopez” (200..
Constance Ramos Profile
Kansas-born designer Constant Ramos is familiar among the reality show fans as part of the Emmy-winning series “Extreme Make..
Constance Zimmer Profile
Seattle, Washington-born, Newport Beach, California-raised Constance Zimmer has steadily created a triumphant career as a w..