Clive Owen Profile
"I've never been interested in playing good guys. I'm always attracted to dangerous characters. Those roles are usually..
Cobie Smulders Profile
actress, former model
Canadian actress and former international model Cobie Smulders got a major break when she won the role of Juliet Droil in t..
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Cody Linley Profile
Gifted young actor Cody Linley is probably most famous for playing Jake Ryan on several episodes of the Disney Channel popul..
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的致e never wanted to be an enormous star to the extent where I知 being chased around, but it痴 not really up to you. You d..
Coleman Laffoon Profile
Cameraman-turned-real estate agent Coleman Laffoon is known for his marriage to actress, screenwriter and director Anne Hech..
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"I'm not really a rebel, but I take chances. I have a good time, and I live life the way I want to live it." Colin..
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A Canadian actor who got his start as a stand-up comedian, Colin Ferguson first attracted the attention of American audience..
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"Falling in love stops you caring for so many other things. I don't enjoy being overwhelmed by someone. I don't often fa..
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的 collect watches because I知 always late, and I need to know exactly how late I知 going to be - in order to come up with..