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C.J. Sanders Profile
American child actor C.J. Sanders first received recognition for his portrayal of a young Ray Charles on the critically and..
Caitlin Stasey Profile
Aussie actress Caitlin Stasey was launched to prominence in the mid-2000s thanks to her portrayal of Rachel Kinski in &ldqu..
Caitlin Wachs Profile
One of Hollywood’s most sought after talents, Caitlin Wachs took home two Young Artist Awards for her roles in Shiloh 2: Shi..
Caleigh Peters Profile
One of Hollywood’s young recording artists, Caleigh Peters is achieving for stardom not just as a guitarist and singer, but..
Calista Flockhart Profile
"I'm not particularly pre-occupied with the husband/baby thing. Besides, I have a dog." Calista Flockhart The Gol..
Callie Thorne Profile
“This is literally my favorite role. The role of Sheila is like nothing else. There's no holds barred with her.”..
Callum Blue Profile
“Three years, I’m not over the hill (laughing). For me, at this stage in my career, I like TV better because I got to live w..
Cameron Crowe Profile
“The most joy I have in life, apart from my marriage and my seven-month-old twin boys, is to observe people’s behavior and b..
Cameron Daddo Profile
Australian actor, musician and television host Cameron Daddo is probably best known to American TV audience for portraying t..
Cameron Diaz Profile
actress, model
Having been linked with famous celebrities Justin Timberlake and Matt Dillon, Cameron Diaz does not need the added publicity..
Cameron Douglas Profile
Actor and DJ Cameron Douglas, son of two time Academy Award winner Michael Douglas, has landed roles in the films “Mr...
Cameron Richardson Profile
Cameron Richardson is an American model and actress. She has acted in several TV series, including “Cover Me: Based on..
Cam Gigandet Profile
“That's opened up so many doors, and I'm so grateful for what that movie's done. It was really kind of a special littl..
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