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Ben Shenkman Profile
Ben Shenkman is widely recognized for his standout performance as Louis Ironson, a neurotic gay Jewish man who is unable to..
Ben Stiller Profile
actor, director, producer, writer
"I've never really felt like a funny, funny guy. I've never really felt like Mr. Life of the Party... I've realized in the la..
Ben Younger Profile
A successful campaign manager turned filmmaker Ben Younger is known as the director and writer of the 2000 drama film &ldquo..
Bernadette Peters Profile
Actress, Musician
“You gotta be original, because if you're like someone else, what do they need you for?” Bernadette Peters Two-..
Bernard Hill Profile
British actor of film, television and stage Bernard Hill gained widespread attention thanks to his portrayal of a road worke..
Bernardo Bertolucci Profile
“You know for American filmmakers, the Oscars is like a mystic thing. For me it was being in a mirror of my dreams whe..
Bernie Kopell Profile
Supporting actor Bernie Kopell is recognized by TV viewers as Siegfried, the title role's (played by Don Adams) nemesis, on..
Bernie Mac Profile
Actor, Comedian
"I'm not a star and I don't want to be a star. Stars fall. I'm an ordinary guy with an extraordinary job." Bern..
Bertrand Tavernier Profile
“When I do a film, I like to not only be involved with the emotion, but also the context around the character. I want..
Bethany Joy Lenz Profile
“If I ever got married and my husband wanted me to give all this up and follow him wherever he wanted me to go I would..
Beth Behrs Profile
American actress Beth Behrs is best known to television audiences for playing Caroline Channing in the CBS sitcom “2 B..
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