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Ben Chaplin Profile
English actor Ben Chaplin was first known in his native country for his role of Matthew Malone (1995) in the BBC2 sitcom &qu..
Ben Foster Profile
"Every role, every gig, you have to find a quality and you have to love the person. Not just like him, but love the pers..
Ben Garant Profile
“In sketch comedy, people had characters that they loved and characters that they didn't love, but the characters neve..
Ben Harper Profile
“You're definitely a different person at different stages in your life.” Ben Harper Grammy Award winning Americ..
Benicio Del Toro Profile
"I do get more recognized now. If I go to dinner, people look at me more now and whisper. But as an actor, I would be no one..
Ben Indra Profile
Actor Ben Indra is perhaps known for his marriage to “Scary Movie” star Anna Faris, which lasted for four years..
Benjamin Bratt Profile
Actor, Producer
An actor since 1980, Benjamin Bratt attracted Hollywood's attention for his portrayal of calm Detective Reynaldo Curtis on N..
Benjamin McKenzie Profile
“It seemed so absurd to me at the time. Oh, yeah, I'm gonna get this pilot and be a star. C'mon! That doesn't happen to..
Ben Jelen Profile
“I don't write just one type of song. I write what I see, do, and feel. The blood boiling when you're angry, your puls..
Benji Madden Profile
Actor, Musician
Ben Kingsley Profile
"If I knew I was going to win, I would not have gone dressed as a Waiter." Ben Kingsley on winning the Oscar for Best Actor (..
Ben Lee Profile
Musician Ben Lee began his career with the Sydney band Noise Addict before gaining success as a soloist. His fifth album, &l..
Ben Moody Profile
“We have the same exact vision regarding what we love about music. When it comes to songwriting, we finish each other's..
Bennett Miller Profile
American film director Bennett Miller was nominated for an Oscar for Best Directing for the acclaimed biopic “Capote&r..
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