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Ariana Grande And Big Sean Kiss On Haunted Ride: See The Sweet, Spooky Pic!
SP_COP - October 08, 2014 -
Ariana Grande and Big Sean chose the oddest place to get romantic last weekend — a haunted roller coaster. The couple hopped on the Revenge Of The Mummy ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood, and jus...
Ariana Grande - 2015 Honeymoon Tour Visuals
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Ariana Grande - BBC Radio 1 - 09-07-2018
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Chris Pratt hosts 'Saturday Night Live,' portrays Princess Leia
SP_COP - September 29, 2014 -
Chris Pratt was the guardian of "Saturday Night Live's" season premiere, celebrating the show's 40th anniversary."I'm so pumped to be here hosting the season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live,'" he sai...
Ariana Grande Crashes Her Car While Driving To See Big Sean
SP_COP - September 16, 2014 -
Ariana Grande has revealed that she’s got one more problem on her hands after crashing her car on the way to rumoured boyfriend Big Sean’s house. The pop starlet who is believed to be dating the rappe...
Ariana Grande faces ''diva'' rumours after Australia trip
SP_COP - September 09, 2014 -
Ariana Grande is in Oz to promote her new album, My Everything, and according to various Australian publications, Grande cancelled an Australian media photo shoot after ordering a list of diva demands...
Michelle Keegan naked pictures? All the UK stars dragged into nude pictures scandal
SP_COP - September 01, 2014 -
Michelle Keegan and Kelly Brook are among a small group of UK stars named on a list of celebrities allegedly targeted in what is being called one of the biggest celebrity hacking scandals in history.T...
Ariana Grande - LB Pizzeria in NYC - 08-27-2018
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Ariana Grande - Out in New York - 08-21-2018 *ADDS*
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