Anton Yelchin
Birth Date:
March 11, 1989
Birth Place:
Saint Petersburg, Russia
5' 9
Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies, in Tarzana, California
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Huff’s Boy


Instead of following his parents’ skate-prints, Anton Yelchin, the only child of famed Russian figure skaters Irina and Viktor, chose acting as his full time job and began acting in the late 1990s in several TV roles. The Russian-born American actor eventually landed on the big screen and played roles in the Hollywood films Along Came a Spider and Hearts in Atlantis (both in 2001). He also appeared in David Duchovny's directorial debut House of D (2004) and played Diane Lane's son in Griffin Dunne's drama film based on Dirk Wittenborn's book, Fierce People (2005).

From 2004 to 2006, Yelchin played the regular role as Hank Azaria's son Byrd Huffstodt on Showtime's drama series "Huff." The 5' 9" tall, grey/green-eyed and brown-haired actor has just completed his upcoming film with Emile Hirsch, Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone in Nick Cassavetes' crime drama film Alpha Dog. He will also star as Charlie Bartlett in Jon Poll's upcoming comedy movie with the same name.

Son of Skaters

Childhood and Family:

The only child of famed Russian figure skaters couple Irina (a figure skating choreographer) and Viktor Yelchin (now a coach in California; was Sasha Cohen's first trainer), Anton Yelchin was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on March 11, 1989. When he was six months old, Anton followed his parents moving to the United States.

Anton loves playing chess and reading. He also plays the piano and the guitar. He currently attends the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies, in Tarzana, California.

In House of D


"I didn't understand the point of skating around in a circle. I wasn't good at it either." Anton Yelchin.

Initially planning to follow his parents’ skate-prints, but was not satisfied, Anton Yelchin decided to study acting at suggestion of family friend. He finally landed his first role, as a guest in a February 2000 episode of NBC's popular medical drama "ER." After being featured on ABC’s musical family TV-movie starring Drew Carey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Geppetto (2000), he received his first big screen job in writer-director Fred Parnes' comedy movie A Man Is Mostly Water. He followed it up with Peter Gilbert's adaptation of Davida Wills Hurwin's book, A Time for Dancing (starring Shiri Appleby and Larisa Oleynik), a drama film which was not released in the United States or United Kingdom but became a blockbuster in Italy.

In 2001, Anton nabbed his first starring role, as the title role of a conflicted young unborn soul, in Nick Castle's comedy movie Delivering Milo, alongside Albert Finney and Bridget Fonda. He was subsequently given a role in John Herzfeld's thriller/action starring Robert De Niro, Edward Burns and Kelsey Grammer, 15 Minutes, and in Lee Tamahori's mystery film featuring Morgan Freeman and Monica Potter, Along Came a Spider (Anton played the son of a Russian diplomat), which was adapted from a James Patterson novel. He also portrayed the younger version of Bobby Garfield (the adult version was played by David Morse) in director Scott Hicks' gentle, innocent take on Stephen King's novel, Hearts in Atlantis (also starring Anthony Hopkins and Hope Davis). His performance in the film later was awarded a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Leading Young Actor.

"Anton appears not to be acting . . . It just comes out of his eyes." Hearts in Atlantis director Scott Hicks (on Anton Yelchin).

The following years, Anton mainly works on television. He could be seen on the Sci-Fi Channel's Emmy-winning sci-fi miniseries produced by Steven Spielberg, "Taken," and appeared in two episodes of ABC legal drama "The Practice" in 2002. He was also spotted as a guest in an episode of CBS drama "Without a Trace," HBO sitcom "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and ABC long-running cop drama "NYPD Blue." Additionally, he appeared in Andrew Bernstein's short drama Rooftop Kisses (2002).

In 2004, Anton won the regular role of Byrd Huffstodt, the son of a successful psychiatrist (played by Hank Azaria) experiences his own midlife crisis, on Showtime's drama series "Huff." He stayed in the show until it ended in June 2006. During that time, Anton also starred as Jack (2004), a young boy who has to deal with his parents' divorce and the fact that his father is living with a man, in a TV-movie adaptation of A.M. Homes' novel with the same name.

During his “Huff” years, Anton also returned to the big screen David Duchovny's directorial debut, House of D (2004). In the drama comedy film that was screened at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival, Anton played the younger version of David Duchovny's character Tom Warshaw. On working with Duchovny, Anton recalled: “Before we started the film and during rehearsals, I'd ask David if he liked what I was doing, and he'd say yeah. What was in the script was what I did, and he liked it, so we never discussed how much of it should be based on David. What he told me was he delivered meat, he lived in New York in '73, and grew up in the Village. But what I liked was that David telling me about his stories in the Village kind of made me feel more at home there. That we were filming in New York, obviously, was a major part of it. But also David telling me about growing up in New York was quite helpful.”

Next, Anton portrayed the teen son of a junkie but well intentioned mother (played by Diane Lane), in Griffin Dunne's drama film based on Dirk Wittenborn's book, Fierce People (2005; also with Donald Sutherland and Chris Evans). He recently completed his upcoming film with Emile Hirsch, Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone, in Nick Cassavetes' crime drama film Alpha Dog. In the film based on the life of drug dealer Jesse James Hollywood, one of the youngest men ever to be on the FBI's most wanted list, Anton will play the kidnapped Zack Mazursky. He will also play the title role of a rich, eccentric teenager who becomes the supplier of prescription drugs to the students in his new high school, in a comedy movie by Jon Poll, Charlie Bartlett (with Robert Downey Jr. and Hope Davis).

TV viewers could also catch Anton guest starring in a 2006 episode of NBC crime drama "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and CBS’ "Criminal Minds."


  • Young Artist Awards: Best Performance in a Feature Film - Leading Young Actor, Hearts in Atlantis, 2002

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