Alice Eve
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5' 5¼" (1.66 m)
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Her role in “Stage Beauty” (2004)
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The Rotters Club


British actress Alice Eve, the daughter of famous British actors Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan, first appeared on the big screen in Richard Eyre's romantic drama feature film “Stage Beauty” (2004; starring Billy Crudup and Claire Danes) and followed it up with roles in the films "Starter for 10" (2006) and "Big Nothing" (2006). Next, she will appear in the upcoming films "Crossing Over" and "She's Out of My League."

On the small screen, Alice has appeared in the TV movies "Hawking" (2004), "The Rotters' Club" (2005), and "Losing Gemma" (2006).

This 5' 5¼" actress, who was chosen as the 6th "Most Eligible Woman in Britain" by Tatler Magazine in 2003, has been romantically linked to Ben Adams and Rafe Spall, whom she met while working on “The Rotters Club.” She reportedly dated her “Rock 'n' Roll” co-star Rufus Sewell in between 2006-2008.

Performing Family

Childhood and Family:

"There is an acting gene that has been passed down to me by my parents. It's nature, not nurture." Alice Eve.

The daughter of famous British actors Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan, Alice Eve was born on February 6, 1982 in UK but was raised in both the UK and Los Angeles. She has two brothers named Jack and George. She attended Kensington Preparatory and Westminster's Bedales, and did her A-Levels at Westminster School in London. She also went to Wildwood in Los Angeles, California.

During her gap year Alice studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles, California, and then read English at St Catherine's College, Oxford. She has an English degree from Oxford University.

“I was furious but I can't thank them enough now for making me go.” Alice Eve (on her parents insisting that she go to college).

As of 2007, Alice resides in London, England. However, she has lived three times in Los Angeles, California for a total of eight years. Alice considers LA as her second home. When she's not working, Alice likes to cook and just walk around.

“The tween years are the time you fall into line with the culture you're in and so I identified much more with being a Los Angelean than I did with being a Londoner. The girls at school wouldn't let me talk in an English accent because they didn't understand me. I had to learn their way of speaking, and it's served me well as an actress.” Alice Eve.

Starter for 10


“It was a great thing to grow up around the acting world and also question the transitory nature of it.” Alice Eve.

Born to family of actors, Alice Eve has developed a passion for acting at a young age but didn't start acting until she was in the university, where she appeared in student productions of “An Ideal Husband,” “Animal Crackers” (which toured to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival), “Scenes From An Execution,” and “The Color of Justice.”

“My father is an actor and I have always been surrounded by actors and actresses and to be quite honest I have never contemplated doing anything else.” Alice Eve (on why she went into acting).

Alice got an acting agent while she was in college and was cast as part of Richard Eyre's 2004 romantic drama feature film starring Billy Crudup and Claire Danes, “Stage Beauty,” which was based on Jeffrey Hatcher's play "Compleat Female Stage Beauty." Also in that year, she appeared in the biographical TV movie "Hawking," starring Benedict Cumberbatch as British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.

In the following year, Alice was spotted as a guest in an episode of "Beethoven" and "Agatha Christie: Poirot." She also co-starred as Cicely Boyd in Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais' TV movie adaptation of the novel by Jonathan Coe, "The Rotters' Club."

About her character in "The Rotters' Club" (2005) Alice explained, "Cicely is misunderstood because she is perceived as being quite aloof and uncaring and that really isn't how she intends to be at all. Her inner conflict comes from the way people see her not matching up at all with the way she sees herself."

2006 saw Alice in the films "Starter for 10," Tom Vaughan's romantic drama/comedy adapted from David Nicholls' novel that starring James McAvoy, and "Big Nothing," a crime comedy/thriller directed and co-written by Jean-Baptiste Andrea that co-starring David Schwimmer and Simon Pegg.

About her "Big Nothing" (2006) co-stars David Schwimmer and Simon Pegg, Alice commented, “He [David Schwimmer] was lovely. It was a great thing. We had a great time but we did fight. I mean, Simon was an arsehole. (Looks at Simon Pegg) You were sometimes.”

She also recalled her first scene with Simon Pegg in "Big Nothing" (2006), “Oh my god, I mean who the fuck scheduled that!? It was like the most evil thing. I'm like, 'Hi nice to meet you Simon,' then the direction is, 'OK, you sit on him naked and bounce.' That was some baptism of fire. But hell, it's been a good shoot, so maybe sex is a good way to start!”

As for her role in the film, she explained, “Roles like Josie are without a doubt rare. I'm lucky. Unless you've made a name for yourself and you can seek them out and get them made, parts like this for women are just hard to come by. Especially for young women - you're often the love interest or you are wearing a corset, but with this there's huge scope.”

Meanwhile, Alice also co-starred in the dramatic TV movie "Losing Gemma" (2006) and participated in the world premiere of “Rock 'n' Roll” (2006) at Royal Court Theatre - London, where she played young Esme/Alice. In 2007, she starred in William Felix Clark's 12-minute short comedy "The Amazing Trousers."

Alice will next be seen in writer/director Wayne Kramer's dramatic film about immigrants of different nationalities struggling to achieve legal status in Los Angeles, "Crossing Over," with Harrison Ford, Jim Sturgess, Ray Liotta, Sean Penn, and Ashley Judd.

On playing Alice in Tom Stoppard's play "Rock and Roll" and in the movie "Starter for 10" (2006), Alice said, “There's nothing weird about playing a character called Alice. It's just that I played two characters in a row with my name. I used to joke that it was unimaginative casting.”

She also talked about doing the play "Rock 'n' Roll" and the film "Crossing Over" in the US, “It's nice to have two things now to come into America with, because I know who I am in England, but to come into America with two things like that is nice.”

Alice will also team up with Krysten Ritter, Jay Baruchel, and Mike Vogel in Jim Field Smith's upcoming romantic comedy movie "She's Out of My League."

“I never had the chance to panic about not acting, and I think [that] if I had, I'd probably stop.” Alice Eve.


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