A.J. Buckley
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Dublin, Ireland
Famous for:
His role as DNA Technician Adam Ross (2005-Present)
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"What 'CSI' has done for me, what's it's brought into my life and allowed me to see, I'm just really thankful, especially nowadays, that I have a job and I can put groceries in the fridge. I'm doing what I love. I'm pretty f--ing lucky." A.J. Buckley

Irish-born, Canadian-raised actor A.J. Buckley is probably familiar to TV viewers for his role as DNA Technician Adam Ross (2005-Present) on the CBS police procedural drama series "CSI: NY." He has also guest starred in such TV shows as "Are You Afraid of the Dark," "The X Files," "NYPD Blue," "Jack & Jill," "Without a Trace," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Bones," "Entourage," "Wolverine and the X-Men" (voice of Toad), and "Supernatural." He also appeared in the films "Disturbing Behavior" (1998), "The Forsaken" (2001), "Extreme Days" (2001), "Girl Fever" (2002), "Nightstalker" (2002), "In Enemy Hands" (2004), "Roomies" (2004), "Happy Feet" (2006; voice), "The Last Sin Eater" (2007), and "The Box" (2007).

Buckley has launched a movie and television production company called Fourfront Productions. He will next be seen in the upcoming film "Skateland."

Aaron John

Childhood and Family:

"I'm a pretty easygoing guy; always cracking jokes and having a good time." A.J. Buckley

Born in Dublin, Ireland, on February 9, 1978, Aaron John Buckley migrated to Canada with his family at the age of 6. He attended St. Thomas More private school in Burnaby, British Columbia, and currently lives in Los Angeles. He plays the drums.

“My friend came into town, we call him Moose, and Derek Hamilton, who's in the movie [Extreme Days] and we drove to Las Vegas. We were there for 25 minutes and we won $17,000. It was me and Moose at the table. Derek had gone up to the room to change. We gone up to the room later and he had passed out on the couch and I had $10,000 in my hand and I smacked him in the head and said, 'Hey man, let's go party.'” A.J. Buckley

Extreme Days


Receiving his first role as a hall monitor on the TV show "Oddyssey," A.J. Buckley went on to appear in the true story-based TV movie "The Disappearance of Vonnie" (1994; starring Ann Jillian) and guest star in an episode of the Canadian television series "Are You Afraid of the Dark." He was also seen in FOX’s critically acclaimed science fiction television series "The X Files," FOX’s thriller and crime drama "Millennium," the Canadian drama series "North of 60," and the syndicated "Night Man."

In 1998, Buckley made his film debut in David Nutter's thriller "Disturbing Behavior," which starred James Marsden, Katie Holmes, Nick Stahl, Bruce Greenwood, and Steve Railsback. He followed it up with roles in Paul Levine's romantic comedy "Deal of a Lifetime" (1999; starring Shiri Appleby), Drew Bell and Jefferson Langley's crime/action "Random Acts of Violence" (1999), and Gavin Wilding's mystery "Convergence" (1999). He also provided his voice for the animated family comedy movie "Hôhokekyo tonari no Yamada-kun" (1999; aka. "My Neighbors the Yamadas"), and supported Lou Diamond Phillips in the fact-based TV movie "In a Class of His Own" (1999).

Entering the new millennium, Buckley was cast in Mary Lambert's thriller "The In Crowd" (2000; with Susan Ward, Lori Heuring, and Matthew Settle), and was spotted as a guest in an episode of ABC’s police procedural drama series "NYPD Blue." The following year, he appeared in the made-for-television movies "Murphy's Dozen" (2001) and "Motocrossed" (2001), and guest starred in an episode of The WB comedy series "Jack & Jill."

On the big screen, Buckley acted in writer/director J.S. Cardone's horror movie "The Forsaken" (2001; starring Brendan Fehr and Kerr Smith), Sean S. Cunningham's "XCU: Extreme Close Up" (2001; alongside Sarah Chalke), Eric Hannah's comedy romance film "Extreme Days" (2001), and writer/director Lori Fontanes' "Scream at the Sound of the Beep" (2002; starring Katharine Towne). He also costarred in the 2002 films "10:30 Check-Out," an 18-minute short crime drama by Michael Baumgarten, "Blue Car," a drama starring David Strathairn that was directed and written by Karen Moncrieff, "Wishcraft," a straight to DVD released film featuring Alexandra Holden and Michael Weston, "Girl Fever," a comedy starring Chad Donella that was written and directed by Michael Davis, and "Nightstalker," a horror film written and directed by Chris Fisher based on the life of Richard Ramirez (aka the Night Stalker, portrayed by Bret Roberts), who terrorized people in the Los Angeles area during the mid 1980s. Buckley then co-starred with Stephen Baldwin in the Sci-Fi channel original movie "Silent Warnings" (2003; also featuring Billy Zane), teamed up with Jason Scott Lee and Thomas Ian Griffith in "Timecop: The Berlin Decision" (2003), the direct to video sequel of the 1994 movie "Timecop," shared the screen with William H. Macy in the World War II submarine film "In Enemy Hands" (2004), and starred as a guy looking for the perfect roommate in the romantic drama comedy "Roomies" (2004). During this time, TV viewers could also catch Buckley guest starring in an episode of UPN’s paranormal drama "Haunted," CBS’ drama "Without a Trace," CBS’ police drama "The District," the Canadian supernatural drama television series "The Collector," and CBS’ crime drama "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

“It was a random thing. I worked with Pam Veasey on 'The District' years ago. I didn't know they had me in mind over on 'CSI: NY' for the role of the tech guy. I had auditioned for 'CSI: Miami' and booked it but before I actually did it, 'CSI: NY' called and said they wanted me for a possible recurring role on 'CSI: NY.' So I had to tell 'Miami' no, and then I did 'NY' and didn't hear anything, and then I booked another episode and it grew from there.” A.J. Buckley (on landing his recurring role on “CSI: NY”)

In 2005, Buckley began playing Adam Ross, a lab tech for the New York City Crime Lab, on the CBS television series "CSI: NY." He recalled, "The day of first getting 'CSI' (New York) was a real kind of crazy time in my life in the sense that I'd really been going through a rough patch. I was pretty stressed out, but at the same time happy because I was doing what I loved and thought that the comfort of chasing my dream had to outweigh the fact that I was broke."

And about his character, he said, “I'm kinda like this in real life, always cracking jokes. I like that he's the character that comes in and puts smiles on people's faces. It's a dark show, so I come in and try to be funny and attempt to bring humor to it. I like that he can try to crack a smile on Mac.”

Buckley also guest starred in an episode of Showtime’s sitcom starring Kirstie Alley, "Fat Actress," Fox Network's drama "Bones," HBO’s original series "Entourage," The WB/CW paranormal series "Supernatural," and the animated television series "Wolverine and the X-Men." He also appeared in the TV movie "Manticore" (2005). As for film, Buckley costarred with Bruce McGill and Azura Skye in the short drama film "Why Don't You Dance?" (2005), appeared in Perry Sachs' short dark comedy film set in the 1940's, "F: Ohhh, the Agony of Da-feet" (2005), co-starred with Edward Furlong and Rachael Bella in the award winning independent film "Jimmy and Judy" (2006), and portrayed Edward Kerr's brother in Jeff Morris' comedy "You Did What?" (2006). He also provided his voice to the Academy Award-winning computer-animated musical film "Happy Feet" (2006; with Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy, Hugh Jackman, and Nicole Kidman), was cast in Michael Landon Jr.'s film adaptation of the 1998 novel by Francine Rivers, "The Last Sin Eater" (2007; starring Liana Liberato), appeared in the direct-to-DVD released "Walking Tall: The Payback" (2007; starring Kevin Sorbo), and costarred with Giancarlo Esposito and Gabrielle Union in A.J. Kparr's thriller "The Box" (2007).

Buckley, who launched a movie and television production company called Fourfront Productions, will soon complete filming "Skateland," an upcoming drama directed by Anthony Burns. He will costar with Haley Ramm, Heath Freeman, Taylor Handley, and James LeGros in the film.


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