The Ex DVD Box Art 3D
The Ex DVD Box Art 3D
Titles: The Ex
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Wish I Was Here: Zach Braff on his long-awaited Garden State follow-up
SP_COP - September 16, 2014 -
Zach Braff cemented himself as a filmmaker to watch with his debut feature Garden State in 2014, but it's taken him a decade to make follow-up Wish I Was Here. So why the long wait? After initially se...
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Zach Braff Wallpaper on Scrubs (TV Series)
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Zach Braff's New 'Wish I Was Here' Poster
A new poster has been released for Zach Braff’s Kickstarter-funded film, WISH I WAS HERE. The poster features members of the cast surrounding Zach holding a swear jar.WISH I WAS HERE will be hitting s...
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Zach Braff Wallpaper on The Last Kiss
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