Scene of Surfer, Dude.
Scene of Surfer, Dude.
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Jessica Chastain Not Starring In True Detective Season 2
SP_COP - May 23, 2014 -
Jessica Chastain has revealed that she won't be starring in the second series of True Detective.A story broke yesterday linking the two time Oscar nominated actress with a lead role in the popular det...
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Legs wrapped around you
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Woody Harrelson Wallpaper on A Scanner Darkly
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Jessica Chastain for True Detective season 2?
SP_COP - May 21, 2014 -
According to rumours, Jessica Chastain has been offered the co-lead in True Detective's second season...Appreciating the need to take this, like all online rumours, with an entire shaker of salt, word...
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Woody Harrelson Set For Triple Nine
SP_COP - March 19, 2014 -
Though Matthew McConaughey has been winning the lionís share of the plaudits for the spectacular True Detective, Woody Harrelson is a big a part of why the dark crime character drama works so well. An...
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