Whitney Cummings
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September 4, 1982
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Festival Dailies


"Well, stand-up is something that you just get better and better at, and as you grow, you just get more experiences and have more to joke about. I just think that stand-up is something that just fulfills me so much, and the more I live, the more material for comedy I get. With acting, you're always limited to the material you have, whereas with stand-up, you get to create more and more material every day. So that is something that has stole my heart." Whitney Cummings

Stand-up comic and actress Whitney Cummings received her first job in Los Angeles in Ashton Kuther's show on MTV, "Punk'd." She was also a host of "Sundance Film Festival Dailies" and "Festival Dailies" and has written for "Last Call with Carson Daly."

As an actress, Cummings has appeared in the films "EMR" (2004), "7-10 Split" (2007), "Grizzly Park" (2008) and "Made of Honor" (2008). She also guest-starred in "Half & Half," "What About Brian" and "Tell Me You Love Me."

Cummings is currently touring the U.S. with her improv act.

"You know what? I am such a geek. I love L.A. It's been so rewarding and amazing and it's such a comfortable place to live. And also, to me, I'm gonna be happiest wherever I'm able to be the most creative and work. Because L.A. offers the kind of work I wanna be doing and the opportunities for work, it's the best place on earth for me because it's able to provide those opportunities. And also, it's filled with so many creative people and so many wonderfully talented people and it's so great to be around that." Whitney Cummings

Ivy League Graduate

Childhood and Family:

"When you are going to a school that cost that much money, you have to get in and get out. I knew that I wanted to come out to LA and pursue a career in entertainment. I just went balls to the wall and didn't have much of a social life and knew it was important to get an education. I just focused on doing that as fast as I could so I could get out to LA and start my career." Whitney Cummings

Born on September 4, 1982, Whitney Cummings was raised in Washington, D.C. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Pennsylvania in three years.

"It's definitely a complicated life, but as long as you try to have a little bit of balance. Dating is hard, because every night, starting at 7:30, I'm out doing stand-up, so the kind of the people I can date is very narrow. It's either other comedians, strippers, or poker players. That's really all I got. (laughs) That's a pretty classy group of people, huh? You just have to make it a priority. For me, traveling so much is great because I can take friends with me or go visit my family and schedule a time to do stand-up where my family lives and whatever. I try to just have as much balance as I possibly can. But I'm not used to a really stable life, so this is actually perfect for me." Whitney Cummings

Made of Honor


Ivy League graduate Whitney Cummings decided to test the waters in Los Angeles and got her first job on the MTV's hidden camera practical joke television series produced and hosted by Ashton Kutcher, "Punk'd." Cummings also performed stand-up comedy and has displayed her comic talent in "50 Most Wicked Women of Primetime" (2004), "VH1 News Presents: Plastic Surgery Obsession" (2005) and "40 Celebrity Weddings and a Funeral" (2005). She was also a host for the "Sundance Film Festival Dailies."

"At Sundance, you are sort of working with a blank slate so you could sort of go up and do whatever you wanted. The cross section of people is so different, it is exciting. There was so much to work with and so many interesting people to talk to. Disarming is kind of my thing. Being inappropriate is definitely my favorite approach to comedy. The funny things are always the unexpected and people seem to think I come off as innocent first, so when I am inappropriate it is funny. Sundance is just so fun to do because it has such an interesting group of people." Whitney Cummings

While continuing her stand-up routines, Cummings also tried acting in films. She played supporting roles in writers/directors James Erskine and Danny McCullough's psychological thriller "EMR" (2004) and Richie Keen's short romantic comedy "Hooked" (2006), alongside Matt Czuchry and Abigail Spencer. She was also seen in Riki Lindhome and Dori Oskowitz's short comedy "Life Is Short" (2006), with Samm Levine, Seth MacFarlane, Riki Lindhome and Alexis Bledel.

Whitney appeared as a comedian on TV's "It's So Over: 50 Biggest Celebrity Breakups" (2005) and the miniseries "101 Incredible Celebrity Slimdowns" (2006). She was a series regular in the comedy show "Trapped in TV Guide" (2006) and had a recurring role in "Close-Up" (2006). She was also spotted as a guest in the UPN sitcom "Half & Half" and in the ABC dramatic series "What About Brian."

On working in "What About Brian," Cummings commented, "It's so funny, because people loved that show. It was like a cult hit. People really loved it. I had a great experience on it and everyone was delightful. Barry Watson is who I worked with for the most part and he is such a pro. I think what it was... it was an hour show that's kind of like a ‘7th Heaven’ or one of those dramas, but it was also funny and soapy at the same time. And I think it was a really innovative format. And there's really no rhyme or reason to why shows do well anymore. It's such a crap shoot, because I see so many brilliant shows get canceled, whether it's ‘Arrested Development’ or ‘Friday Night Lights.’ And then shows that I think are really mediocre, they have been on eight years and go on forever. So sometimes you have to accept the random crap shoot that is TV."

In 2007, Cummings guest-starred in an episode of the syndicated half hour talk show "Comics Unleashed" and in two episodes of the HBO drama series "Tell Me You Love Me." She also hosted "Festival Dailies" and appeared as herself in the comedy "Chelsea Lately," as well as wrote for the talk show “The Last Call with Carson Daly.” On the big screen, she could be seen in Tommy Reid's comedy "7-10 Split," alongside Ross Patterson, Tara Reid, and Clayne Crawford.

Cummings recently supported Glenn Morshower in Tom Skull's horror film "Grizzly Park" and co-starred with Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan in Paul Weiland's romantic comedy movie "Made of Honor" (both in 2008).

Describing her character in “Made of Honor,” Cummings said, "Patrick Dempsey plays the lead man and his best friend is getting married and he plays the maid of honor and I play her buddy and her bridesmaid. So I'm sort of the sweet, supportive buddy to Michelle Monaghan, who is the actress in the movie. I'm a little quirky and a little neurotic."

And when asked if she was nervous at the audition since it's her first big movie, Cummings explained, "If you are a comedian there is not really much that can make you nervous. I laugh about it because as someone told me, 'You have to go read with Patrick Dempsey. Are you nervous?' Listen, I have bombed in front of a thousand people before, you don't know, you become kind of dead inside. It was a little nerve wracking and it was an amazing group of really talented people. The competition was really high and thankfully I thought it worked out well."

Cummings will soon star in a comedic made-for-television movie called "Come to the Net." She also continues doing stand-up and is currently touring the U.S. with her improv act.


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