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Jimmy Kimmel's Update on the Anti-Vaccination Discussion
SP_COP - March 04, 2015
Last week on the show we got a group of real doctors together to do a public service announcement urging parents to vaccinate their kids. While a lot of people enjoyed it - it also made a small group...
Lie Witness News - Oscars 2015 Edition
SP_COP - March 03, 2015
The Academy Awards is one of the most hyped events of the year. There’s a lot of pressure to have an informed opinion about the movies that are nominated. So we sent a camera onto Hollywood Boulevard...
Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Paul Rosolie from ''Eaten Alive''
SP_COP - December 15, 2014
Discovery Channel recently aired what they described as a “nature special” called “Eaten Alive.” More than four million people tuned in to watch a man named Paul Rosolie try his best to get swallowed...