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Opie & Anthony: Chip Talks Dirty with Mellanie Monroe (06/24/13)
SP_COP - September 29, 2014
Adult film star Mellanie Monroe is in studio today to be a good egg, which makes a change from most adult film stars who come on the show, it's decided that Chip must use all of his tricks to charm Me...
Nigella Talks Dirty
SP_COP - July 29, 2013
Nigella reveals some racey culinary fantasies. Mmmmmm....
Brittany Snow -- Dirty Little Secret
SP_COP - July 23, 2013
Beautiful Brittany Snow!! A great slide show of Brittany snow!! Dont forget to comment and or rate thank you!!...
This is Jaime Chung
SP_COP - July 01, 2013
One of the most Beautiful and sexiest asian starlets out there. You've seen her in Sucker Punch, Premium Rush and recently in The Man with the Iron Fists. But have you heard her tell a dirty joke befo...