Maroon 5 Medley! - Victoria Justice & Max Schneider

By SP_COP on October 02, 2014
We had such an awesome time making the Bruno Mars Medley, so we had to follow it up with a new medley! This is a live lyric video -- EVERY LYRIC is in the video. It was a big challenge to make this, but with the help of a lot of talented people, we pulled it off! THANK YOU to everyone who worked on it!

Director: Kurt Schneider
Producer: Daniel Rosen
Director of Photography: Rick Craft
Steadicam Operator: Bryant Swanstrom
Editor: Daniel Karp

HUGE THANKS TO THE ART TEAM: Jessica Huerta, John Erickson, Laura Quinn, Lulu Antariksa, David Shottland, Ryan Rottman, Jared Cohen, Daniel Rosen, Daniel Karp, Lauren Herstik, David Schwartz and Eliza Mills