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By SP_COP on June 17, 2013
Katy Perry HOT & Sexy Photos - Katy Perry Hottest Pictures in the Sexiest HD Video 2012-2013
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The YouTube Interview with Katy Perry
- June 18, 2013
Katy Perry answers the top-voted questions from the YouTube Community as presented by Lisa Nova. Over 20,500 questions were submitted and 401,609 votes cast with the use of YouTube Moderator....
Montel Williams on Multiple Sclerosis
SP_COP - October 25, 2013
In this Bonus Feature, we are joined by Emmy award winning TV host, Montel Williams, who has been living with MS since 1999. Montel shares some of the challenges he has had to overcome to lead a healt...
Love and Debate
SP_COP - October 23, 2013
Jordan Landa is not your average Latin girl. She has dreams - big ones. As a rising star in the debate world her elusive dreams seem finally within her grasp. But when the "perfect guy" from her past...