Vanessa Paradis
Birth Date:
December 22, 1972
Birth Place:
Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, Val-de-Marne, France
5' 3
Famous for:
Her role as Mathilde Tessier in 'Noce Blanche' (1989)
actress, model, musician
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"Joe le Taxi"


French singer/actress/model Vanessa Paradis received recognition after playing the role of young aberrant Mathilde Tessier in Noce blanche (1989). Because of her outstanding performance, Vanessa was honored with a Caesar Award and the Prix Romy Schneider in 1990. She is also well remembered for her portrayal as Daniel Auteuil's love interest Adèle in Fille sur le pont, La (1999, helmed by Patrice Leconte).

On music, Vanessa was widely known for the hit single "Joe le Taxi" (1997). As soon as it hit the music stores, the song peaked at number 3 in the UK Top Ten. Following the single's popularity, Vanessa released the platinum album "M & J" (1988), then her second, the highly anticipated Variations sur le meme t'aime (1990). In 1992, her third album, Vanessa Paradis (in collaboration with Lenny Kravitz) was released followed by the forth album Vanessa Paradis Live (1994).

As for her private life, Vanessa was romantically linked to singer Lenny Kravitz (born on May 26, 1964) before living with actor Johnny Depp (born on June 9, 1963). Vanessa is the mother of Depp's children: Lily-Rose Melody Depp and Jack John Christopher Depp III.

Monroe Fan

Childhood and Family:

Daughter of Andre Paradis and Corrine Paradis, Vanessa Chantal Paradis was born on December 22, 1972, in the Parisian suburb Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, Val-de-Marne, France. When she was two, her family moved to Villiers-sur-Marne. The first daughter of two, Vanessa was very close to her younger sister Alysson Paradis. The two enjoyed spending vacations with their mother.

Vanessa discovered her interest in dancing and singing in her early years. She worked on her dancing talent by attending dancing lessons and performing in several ballets. While singing as a child, Vanessa created a strong affection for acting legends Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. She also demonstrated a great enthusiasm for actor/dancer Gene Kelly by memorizing the dialogue from his song Singing in the Rain when she began English lessons.

With the help of her uncle Didier Pain, eight-year-old Vanessa appeared on a French TV show titled L'Ecole des Fans (The School of Fans) singing the song "Emilie Jolie and the Big Bird" from the children's musical Emilie Jolie. By the time she was 14, Vanessa had become a popular singer in Europe and she later added modeling and acting to her endeavors.

Off screen, 5' 3" inch tall Vanessa has a special relationship with superstar Johnny Depp (born on June 9, 1963). Together since June 1998, the couple currently lives in the South of France with their two children, daughter Lily-Rose Melody Depp (born on May 24, 1999) and son Jack John Christopher Depp III (born on April 9, 2002). Vanessa also owns a house in Manhattan where she can enjoy American life.

Noce Blanche


"I was constantly surprised by the force which she gave off. She has all it takes to be a great actress." Gérard Depardieu on Vanessa Paradis.

Initiating her singing career by singing the song "Emilie Jolie and the Big Bird" (from the children's musical Emilie Jolie) on the French TV amateur talent show L'Ecole des Fans (The School of Fans) when she was eight, Vanessa Paradis, with the help of her uncle, recorded her first single, "La Magie des Surprises Parties" in 1985. It turned out to be a song largely ignored by the public. Though Vanessa felt shame with the song, she drew the attention of composer Franck Langolff and Etienne Roda-Gil.

Vanessa eventually attracted the public's attention when she was invited to sing Franck Langolff and Etienne Roda-Gil's "Joe Le Taxi" (1987). The hit quickly reached No. 3 on the UK Top Ten and pushed Vanessa toward instant stardom.

The following year, Vanessa hit the music shelves with the release of her debut album "M & J" (1988). The album was very popular and received platinum certification. Through the great success of the album, Vanessa enlarged her exposure overseas. She then released her second album, Variations sur le meme t'aime(1990), which proved to be the most anticipated French album of the year.

In 1989, Vanessa branched out into acting. She played the role of young aberrant Mathilde Tessier, a woman who commits suicide rather than give her love to her Philosophy teacher, in Noce blanche (1989).

Vanessa's spectacular performance in her wide screen debut handed her a Caesar award for Best Actress and the Prix Romy Schneider for the Most Promising Debut Performance On Screen in 1990.

Vanessa then added modeling to her accomplishments. In 1991, she signed a profitable contract with Chanel to be a model for the advertising campaign of their perfume Coco. She again attracted the public's attention by her controversial appearance in the ads, in which she played a bird trapped in a golden cage being observed by a white cat.

In 1992, Vanessa went back to her music career with the release of Vanessa Paradis. In her third album, she collaborated with rock singer Lenny Kravitz. During 1993 and 1994 Vanessa toured and performed 70 concerts in Europe. Afterward, she recorded her forth album, Vanessa Paradis Live, at the L'Oylmpia in Paris.

Vanessa returned to the silver screen by portraying Marie Desmoulin in Jean Becker's Elisa (1995), alongside Gerard Depardieu. She next was cast as Morgane in Rene Manzor's Un Amour de Sorciere (1997) and lent her voice as La voix du nouvel âge in Plaisir (et ses petits tracas), Le (1998). Vanessa also costarred with French film icons Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon in Une chance sur deux (1998, helmed by Patrice Leconte), playing the role of Alice Tomaso.

At the end of decade, Vanessa teamed up with Patrice Leconte for the second time in Fille sur le pont, La (1999) in which she portrayed the object of affection of the highly praised French actor Daniel Auteuil.

The important role brought her rave reviews and recognition from men all over the world.

Entering the new millennium, Vanessa costarred with her boyfriend Johnny Depp in Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, but the film was cancelled due to the injury of the lead actor Jean Rochefort.

After three years of disappearing from the wide screen, Vanessa returned and could be seen in Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille (2004, portrayed Concia) and Mon ange (2004, played Colette).

Recently, she provided her vice for the animated film The Magic Roundabout (2005, as Margote) and will play the role of Hester in the upcoming drama The Gypsy's Curse (2005, also starring Harvey Keitel).


  • Caesar Awards: Best Actress, Noce blanche, 1989.
  • Prix Romy Schneider: Most Promising Debut Performance on Screen, 1990
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