Valeria Marini
Birth Date:
May 14, 1967
Birth Place:
Rome, Lazio, Italy
Actress, Producer, Fashion Designer
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Notti sul ghiaccio


Italian actress and producer Valeria Marini has taken parts in several film and television projects, including “Bámbola” (1996), “Bunuel and King Solomon's Table” (2001), “La palestra” (2003), “Somewhere” (2010) and “La mia mamma suona il rock” (2013). She has been a producer of “I Want to Be a Soldier” (2010), “1-11-11” (2011) and the upcoming film “C'è sempre un perché” (2015). Marini was a contestant on the Italian version of “Survivor,” “L'isola dei Famosi” (2012) and the Italian version of “Skating with Celebrities,” “Notti sul ghiaccio” (2015). Marini has branched out as a fashion designer in the 2000s.

Marini had a long relationship with producer Vittorio Cecchi Gori. They split up in 2006. She then married Giovanni Cottone in 2013.  


Childhood and Family:

Valeria Marini was born on May 14, 1967, in Rome, Lazio, Italy, as Valeria Virginia Laura Marini. She grew up in Cagliari, Sardinia. She is the daughter of Gianna Orrù. She has two siblings, Fabio and Claudia.

On May 5, 2013, Valerie married Giovanni Cottone in the Basilica di Santa Maria in Aracoeli (Rome, Italy). They have since separated.    

C'è sempre un perché


Valeria Marini made her first appearance as an actress in the Italian drama/thriller TV film “Tabloid Crime” (1987), starring Clayton Norcross, Gioia Scola and Renato Scarpa. She went on to hit the stage in 1991 with a role in “I ragazzi irresistibili,” directed by Marco Parodi. The same year, she made her feature film debut in the award winner “Crack,”  which was directed and written by and starred Giulio Base.

Following her performance in the television show “Luna di miele,” Marini received an offer from director Pierfrancesco Pingitore to replace Pamela Prati in the “Bagaglino” spectaculars, annual series of theatre shows transformed into television variety programmes. She acted in several series of these like “Rose rosse,” “Bucce di banana,” “Champagne,” “Miconsenta,” “Barbecue” and “Viva le italiane.”

Following these performances, Marini's popularity in Italy increased. In 1997, she became one of nominees to present the Festival di Sanremo with Mike Bongiorno and Piero Chiambretti. The following years, she appeared in several films such as “Incontri proibiti” (1998), “Corazón de bombón” (2001), “Bunuel and King Solomon's Table” (2001), “In questo mondo di ladri” (2004) and in the television series like “Pepe Carvalho” (1999) and “Piper - La serie” (2009), where she played the roles of Charo and Doretta Lee, respectively. She also appeared in the reality TV show “Reality Circus” in 2006.   

In 2010, Marini co-hosted the television program “I raccomandati,” with Pupo, Emanuele Filiberto and Georgia Luzi. The same year, she appeared as herself in a scene of Sofia Coppola's drama film “Somewhere,” starring Stephen Dorff, Elle Fanning and Chris Pontius, and had a small role as a teacher in Christian Molina's drama film, “I Want to Be a Soldier,” where she also served as a co-producer. She also released a CD single feat DJ Roberto Onofri titled “Volare.”

In 2012, Marini participated as a contestant in the ninth season of “L'isola dei Famosi,” the Italian version of “Survivor.” The same year, she appeared in the films “Operazione vacanze” and “E io non pago.” She went on to appear in the comedy film “La mia mamma suona il rock” (2013) and in the Pupi Avati directed film “A Golden Boy” (2014).

In 2015, Marini competed in the third season of “Notti sul ghiaccio,” the Italian version of “Skating with Celebrities.” She was paired with Federico Degli Esposti.

Marini is set to play the role of Emma in the upcoming film “C'è sempre un perché” (2015), which she also produced.  


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