July 6, 1946
New York, New York, USA
Sylvester Stallone
5' 9''
Famous for
His role in 'Rambo' and 'Rocky'
actor, director, writer, producer
University of Miami (majored in Drama; dropped out; 1967-1969)
as Rocky Balboa in Rocky (1976)
Jennifer Flavin (actress, model; b. August 14, 1968; enggage in January 1996; married May 17, 1997), Brigitte Nielsen (actress, model; b. July 15, 1963; 1985-1987), Sasha Czack (married on December 28, 1974; divorced in 1985)
Angie Everhart (model; born on September 7, 1969; engaged in April 1995; relationship ended June 1995)
Frank Stallone (hairdresser; Sicilian immigrant; divorced)
Jacqueline Labofish (an aspiring dancer)
Frank Stallone (actor, singer; born on July 30, 1950)
Sage Moonblood Stallone (born May 5, 1976; made film debut in Rocky V, 1990), Seth (aka Seargogh)
Sistine Rose (born June 27, 1998; mother: Jennifer Flavin), Sophia Rose (born August 27, 1996 in South Beach, Florida; born with a hole in her heart; underwent surgery November 1996; mother: Jennifer Flavin)
After 40 Years Of Trying With McQueen, Stallone, Eastwood, Reynolds And Vin Diesel, Mack Bolan Pic Is Back
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Over the course of his 900-volume novel series launched by Don Pendleton in 1969, elite anti-terrorist operative Mack Bolan has cracked every conceivable case except one–making it to a movie screen. B...
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Jean-Claude Van Damme Leads Tributes to Menahem Golan
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JEAN-Claude Van Damme is leading the tributes to late director/producer Menahem Golan, who died on Friday (08Aug14) at the age of 85. I love you and will always doThe Israeli moviemaker, who co-fou...
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Sylvester Stallone: I wanted to strangle Arnie
SP_COP - August 08, 2014 -
Sylvester Stallone wanted to ''strangle'' Arnold Schwarzenegger every day at the height of their fame.The 'Expendables 3' actor is now friends with his former rival but he admits they were so competit...