Birth Place:
Cali, Colombia
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Tripping Tropicana


Superlitio, comprising of Pedro Rovetto (bass), Pipe Bravo (lead voice, keyboards and guitar), Alejandro Lozano (guitar), Armando Gonzalez (drums) and Dino Leandro (Machines and Ukulele), has made a name for its self as one of the most successful Latin rock bands in Columbia. The band was nominated for a 2004 Latin Grammy for Best New Artist thanks to the multi awarded album “Tripping Tropicana” (2004, released in the US and Europe in 2005). Other albums that the band has released are “Marciana” (1997), “El Sonido Mostaza” (1999), “ Calidosound” (2009), “Sesiones 10.10” (2010) and “Sultana: Manual Psicodélico del Ritmo. Vol1.” (2011). The band has taken part and headlined a wide variety of international festivals. In 2005, Superlitio was named Band of the Year by the Rolling Stone magazine. The same year, SHOCK magazine listed the band “10 of Most Important band in Colombia Rock History.”


Childhood and Family:

Latin rock band Superlitio began in Cali, Valle del Cauca, Columbia in 1997. The band's members are Pedro Rovetto (bass), Andres Bravo (lead voice, keyboards and guitar), Alejandro Lozano (guitar), Dino Leandro (machines and ukulele) and Armando Gonzalez (drums).

Te Lastime


Shortly after the band formed, Superlitio released the first independent album “Marciana” in 1997. It was followed by the second indie effort “El Sonido Mostaza” in 1999. Both albums received positive reviews from media and specialized press in Colombia. However, the band's music did not start to appear in several playlist from independent and commercial radio stations in the United States until 2000.

Superlitio embarked on their first US tour in the summer of 2001. They performed in such cities as Los Angeles and New York.

The band released the third studio album “Tripping Tropicana” in 2004 . The album was produced by the Argentine Tweety Gonzalez, who has worked with artists such as Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, Illya Kuryaki, Fito Páez. Later that same year, the band was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category of Best New Artist, which was eventually won by Brazilian artist Maria Rita. Superlitio continued on receiving such honors as a 2004 LBE Music for Best New Latin Alternative Artist as well as the Band of the Year, Best Video, and Best Alternative Band Awards from the 2005 Shock Awards. The band also received a nomination for Best Rock Album at the 2005 Univision “Premio Lo Nuestro” Awards and a 2005 Much Músic nomination for Best Fusion Video, among other honors.

“Que vo’ Hacer,” the first single released from “Tripping Tropicana,”reached No. 1 on several radio stations, while the video received high rotation on major music television networks including MTVLA, MTV3S and VHUno. Other tracks included on the album included “Lo Fi” and “Babylon.”

“Tripping Tropicana” was released in South America and Europe in 2005 through CMG / Sony BMG. The same year, the band performed at the 2005 SXSW, and also toured the US in March/April.

In 2006, alongside the Colombian superstar Juanes, Superlitio performed in their hometown in front of 40,000 people. The band ended up the year with a large concert in Cali for over 10,000 fans. The show was broadcast live to an estimate of over one million viewers.

In October 2007, Superlitio headlined the 10th anniversary of South America's largest rock festival, “Rock al Parque,” during which time the band performed in front of 80,000 audiences.

In 2008, Superlitio produced and recorded the theme song and soundtrack for the critically accalimed Columbian film “Dog Eat Dog” (“Perro Come Perro”), by director Carlos Moreno. The song has reached No. 1 in several Columbian radio stations.

Superlitio returned with the fourth studio album “Calidosound” in July 2009, which the band released independently. The album was produced by the multi Grammy Award winner Rafa Sardina. The same year, the band served as headliners at the largest open rock festival in Latin America, Rock al Parque. Beisdes, the band won a SHOCK award for Record of the Year, the most prestigious music awards in Columbia.

2010 saw Superlitio make their second performance at SXSW Festival. The same year, the band also embarked on a short tour in the US with shows in NYC, Miami, and Washington. The band also released the studio album “Sesiones 10.10” in 2010. The band's single, “Te Lastime,” has reached No.1 in several radio stations in Columbia.

Recently, in 2011, Superlitio launched the album “Sultana: Manual Psicodélico del Ritmo. Vol1.”


  • SHOCK: Record of the year, “Calidosound,” 2009

  • SHOCK: Band of the Year, Best Video, Best Alternative Band, 2005

  • LBE Music: Best New Latin Alternative Artist, 2004

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