Stephen King
Birth Date:
September 21, 1947
Birth Place:
Portland, Maine, USA
Famous for:
King of horror as novelist and screenwriter of such classics as Carrie (1976), The Shining (1980) and Misery (1990)
Stephen King Confronts His Own #Horror
SP_COP - December 06, 2013 -
Stephen King has decided to give Twitter a try - but don't expect to hear a lot from him.The best-selling horror author can now be followed on the account @StephenKing.According to messages on his Fac...
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Stephen King isn't as scary as he used to be, but 'Doctor Sleep' is still a cracker
SP_COP - October 03, 2013 -
Though alcohol withdrawal is potentially fatal, booze has none of the media-confected glitz of heroin (imagine Will Self boasting of a Baileys Bristol Cream addiction). The 17th-century word for the s...
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Stephen King Will Follow-Up 'The Shining' Story In New Book, 'Doctor Sleep'
SP_COP - September 20, 2013 -
In his latest novel, Stephen King has decided to return to one of his most famous titles to date, 'The Shining,' to revisit Danny Torrence childhood to adult lifeStephen King has a new book coming out...
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Richard Matheson dies: A look back at his big-screen legacy
Science-fiction writer Richard Matheson died on Sunday at age 87, leaving a legacy of some of the best genre storytelling in literature, television and film.Mathesonís prolific career includes dozens...