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Ozzy Osbourne: Sharon kept me alive
SP_COP - May 30, 2014 -
Ozzy Osbourne would have died without Sharon Osbourne.The 65-year-old rocker has credited his wife for helping him turn his life around after battles with drug and alcohol addiction, admitting he prob...
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Sharon Osbourne reveals that she was on the brink of giving up on Ozzy
SP_COP - May 22, 2014 -
The talent show judge threatened to ditch her rock star husband, admitting that she just couldn't take any more anguishSharon and Ozzy Osbourne make for one of the most explosive marriages in showbusi...
Fergie Sharon Osbourne Show
MarieWeb - 01/04/08
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Osbourne 'rules out' X Factor
SP_COP - March 20, 2014 -
Sharon Osbourne has reportedly ruled out any possibility of returning to the X Factor.The Osbourne matriarch appeared as a judge on the show last year, and won with contestant Sam Bailey.But according...