Sarah Palin
Birth Date:
Sandpoint, Idaho, USA
Birth Place:
February 11, 1964
Sarah Palin can see gay marriage from her house
SP_COP - October 21, 2014 -
With last nightís news that a federal judge had struck down Alaskaís ban on gay marriage, it looks like Sarah Palin will soon be seeing gay marriages from her house.Alaska is the latest state in a vir...
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Sarah Palin Shells Out 3 Percent of PAC Money to Endorsed Candidates
SP_COP - October 21, 2014 -
Sit down kids, it's time for Wacky Aunt Sarah's What America? Variety Show! Today's episode: PACed to the Gills, or How To Endorse Candidates But Not Actually Endorse Them And Keep All The Money For Y...
Sarah Palin - Busty Pink & Polka Dots
DrGroovy - 06/20/13
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The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report: Sarah Reaches Out To 'Bitter Clingers And Wingers'
SP_COP - October 21, 2014 -
Itís October, and in just a couple weeks, a depressingly small percentage of Americans will vote for a new Congress. Sarah Palinís out on the campaign trail, makiní darned sure that the whitest and ri...
Sarah Palin - Twitter Pic
Mark85la - 02/20/12
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Sarah Palin Reportedly Donates Only 5.5% of PAC Money to Actual Candidates
SP_COP - October 21, 2014 -
Sarah PalinĎs PAC is extremely stingy when it comes to donating money to her fellow Republicans: a report from Open Secrets reveals that since the 2014 two-year election cycle began, her PAC has raise...