Sarah Carter
Birth Date:
October 30, 1980
Birth Place:
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
5' 4½" (1.64 m)
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Smallville Girl


“I think we have too much police interference in this country as it is. There are plenty of police.” Sarah Carter

Canadian actress Sarah Carter was first noticed as Alicia Baker (2004-2005) on the WB series “Smallville.” She recently co-starred with James Woods in the CBS legal drama series "Shark" (2006-2008), playing Deputy DA Madeleine Poe.

Carter has also appeared in "Dark Angel," "Undeclared," "Black Sash," "Boston Legal," "Entourage," and "Numb3rs." On the big screen, she could be seen in the films "Final Destination 2" (2003), "Haven" (2004), "Berkeley" (2005), "Skinwalkers" (2006), "DOA: Dead or Alive" (2006), "National Lampoon's Pledge This!" (2006) and "Killing Zelda Sparks" (2007). She will next appear in the upcoming films "Misconceptions" and "Freakdog."

On a more personal note, Carter dated Drew Fuller from 2003-2004.

“The most romantic night of my life was on a team trip to Buenos Aires. He was a concert pianist and a very good dancer. We tangoed and he asked me if I wanted to see him later that night. I think it was the first time I fell in love. I didn't see him afterwards for seven years, but he just recently came back into my life.” Sarah Carter

Trained Ballerina

Childhood and Family:

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Sarah Carter was born on October 30, 1980. She trained with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and acted in several musical theater productions, including "Cats," "A Chorus Line," “The Wizard of Oz” and "Into The Woods." Daughter to a minister, Sarah was also a member of the Canadian Debate Team. As part of the team in which she was named one of the top three public speakers in the world, Sarah competed all over the world in countries like Austria, England and Argentina. After graduating high school, she moved to Switzerland to study fine arts for a year at Neuchatel Junior College in Neuchatel, Switzerland. She later relocated to Canada to study theater at Ryerson Theater School in Toronto.

When she is not busy, Sarah enjoys reading, playing the guitar and hiking with her dog in the hills of Los Angeles.

“I hated going to church. It's awful. Everyone's looking at you.” Sarah Carter

DOA: Dead or Alive


“Because of my dance background, I can get away with the flashy stuff like kicks and spins.” Sarah Carter

While performing a self-penned monologue inspired by the HBO movie "Gia" at Ryerson Theater School, Sarah Carter was spotted by a Vancouver casting director and soon found herself guest starring in an episode of the TV series "Cold Squad," "The Immortal," "Wolf Lake," "Dark Angel," "The Sausage Factory" and "The Twilight Zone." She also co-starred in the Fox Kids live-action children's television series "Los Luchadores" (2001) and was added to the cast of FOX’s sitcom “Undeclared,” but the show was canceled and she only appeared in one episode. Additionally, Carter supported William McNamara in the drama/thriller TV movie "Trapped" (2001) and made her film debut in Richard Pepin's thriller "Mindstorm" (2001), alongside Antonio Sabato Jr. and Emmanuelle Vaugier. After appearing in the straight-to-video released movies "Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell" (2001; starring John Novak) and "K-9: P.I." (2002; starring James Belushi), she was cast as Shaina Gordon in David R. Ellis' supernatural thriller film, "Final Destination 2" (2003), a sequel to the 2000 hit "Final Destination."

Meanwhile, TV viewers could catch her as Allie Bennett on the WB action adventure series "Black Sash" (2003), starring Russell Wong. She also co-starred with Jason Gedrick in the dramatic made-for-television movie "A Date with Darkness: The Trial and Capture of Andrew Luster" (2003).

In 2004, Carter received her first big break when she was cast as Alicia Baker, a krypto-mutant who can teleport at will and is obsessed with Tom Welling's Clark Kent, on the WB series about the younger Superman, “Smallville.” She first appeared in the Season 3 episode “Obsession” and reprised the role in two back-to-back Season 4 (2005) episodes, “Unsafe” and “Pariah.” She was also spotted as a guest in an episode of ABC's Golden Globe, Peabody Award and Emmy Award winning legal drama comedy "Boston Legal" and HBO’s Emmy Award-winning comedy series "Entourage," as well as had a recurring role as Nadine Hodges on CBS’ crime/police procedural drama series "Numb3rs." She then appeared with Orlando Bloom and Zoë Saldaña in Frank E. Flowers’ feature film "Haven" (2004), which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and with Nick Roth, Laura Jordan, and Henry Winkler in Bobby Roth's drama film "Berkeley" (2005).

From 2006 to 2008, Carter played Deputy DA Madeleine Poe on the CBS legal drama series starring James Woods, "Shark." She also appeared in James Isaac's werewolf movie "Skinwalkers" (2006; with Jason Behr, Elias Koteas, Rhona Mitra and Natassia Malthe), Corey Yuen's movie adaptation of the best selling video game series, "DOA: Dead or Alive" (2006; with Jaime Pressly, Devon Aoki and Holly Valance), William Heins and Strathford Hamilton's "National Lampoon's Pledge This!" (2006; starring Paris Hilton) and Jeff Glickman's drama "Killing Zelda Sparks" (2007), in which she played the title character. She then appeared in a 2007 episode of the SCI FI channel show "Eureka."

When asked to describe “DOA: Dead or Alive,” Carter said, "It's about the top fighters from around the world coming to this island to compete and they find out that there’s an evil character who wants to steal everyone’s strongest powers and make himself the ultimate fighter, and so all the girls in the competition end up joining forces to take their side down. It goes from a competition to a movie about girls coming together; ‘Charlie’s Angels’ type of film."

Carter will soon complete her upcoming film projects, "Misconceptions," a dramatic comedy by Ron Satlof in which she will co-star with A.J. Cook, and "Freakdog," a thriller by Paddy Breathnach in which she acts opposite Arielle Kebbel. She will also appear alongside Chelsea Hobbs in an upcoming TV movie called "True Confessions of a Go-Go Girl."


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