Ron Jeremy
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Bayside, Queens, New York City
5' 6" (1.68 m)
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American celebrated veteran pornographic film actor.
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The Porn King


“It would be conceited for me to say yes. But let me say this: everyone else says it. AVN (Adult Video News) magazine, the bible of the porn business, they did a thing on the Top 50 Adult Film Stars of All-Time and the most influenced, and I was kind of happily surprised that they made me #1. They had John Holmes as #3, and he was the king, I was the prince... but I was #1. Jenna Jameson was #2. Linda Lovelace #4... and it went on.” Ron Jeremy (on considering himself as the world's most popular porn star)

Nicknamed The Porn King, Hedgehog and R.J., Ron Jeremy is an American celebrated veteran pornographic film actor. With over a thousand film credits on his resume, he has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Appearances in Adult Films,” and has topped the Adult Video News (AVN) list for “100 Top Porn Stars of All Time.” He also has directed over two hundreds hardcore movies. Jeremy won two Adult Film Association of America (AFAA) Awards for “Suzie Superstar” (1983) and “All the Way In!” (1984), an X-Rated Critics' Organization (XRCO) Award for “Succulent” (1983) and a Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival Award for “Magic Sex Genie” (2004).

A former educator, who holds a master's degree in Special Education and two bachelor's degrees in Theater and Education, Jeremy has emerged as one of the very few pornographic film stars to make the leap into mainstream cinema thanks to minor roles in such films as “Killing Zoe” (1994), “Detroit Rock City” (1999), “Reindeer Games” (2000), “Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead” (2006), “Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee” (2007), “Finding Bliss”(2008) and “One-Eyed Monster”(2008). He also has appeared in TV series like “The Surreal Life,” “Nash Bridges” and “Just Shoot Me!,” and served as consultant in “Nine 1/2 Weeks” (1986) and “Boogie Nights” (1997). Jeremy, however, is perhaps best recalled for his performance in the successful documentary film “Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy” (2001), which was nominated for Best Documentary at he 2002 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards.

In February, 2007, Jeremy released a memoir titled “Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz,” published by Harper Collins. The book was a New York Times bestseller.

On a more personal note, millionaire Jeremy is long-familiar around Hollywood for spending his money in highly economical way. According to “Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy,” he allegedly dislikes using his own money on anything, even when he travels, he is accustomed to use garbage bags as luggage.

“I do want to have children some day, but being a typical Jewish dad, I would encourage education with them. I would want them to do something along the lines of school. There are so many little Jewish girls in the business, they want to get educated...” Ron Jeremy


Childhood and Family:

Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, who would later be popular as Ron Jeremy, was born on March 12, 1953, in Bayside, Queens, New York City, to a reputable physicist father and a book editor mother. During the World War II, his mother, who spoke fluent French and German, was recruited as a spy for the O.S.S. (precursor of today’s Central Intelligence Agency). Thanks to highly reformist parents, Ron was given a lot of freedom to explore his interests before searching a career path.

Ron attended Benjamin N. Cardozo High School in Bayside, Queens, along with future CIA director George Tenet and future actor Reginald VelJohnso. After graduating in 1971, he majored in theater and education at the Queens College in New York and got a fine arts degree in 1975. Ron returned to Queens College after several off-Broadway performances to pursue a master's degree in Special Education. he then became an educator for special needs students, for which he earned many citations, but soon left the profession to give acting a next try.

While in Queens College, Ron became a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, and is now a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity. He is an accomplished piano player.

Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy


Ron Jeremy, who fascinated with acting since childhood, decided to become an actor in his early 20's. After receiving a fine art degree in 1975, he began his career on the stage, and plunged himself in community theatre and summer stock. While enjoying performing in several off-Broadway plays, Jeremy, then billed as Ronald Hyatt, was discouraged by the term of “starving artist” and soon made his way back to college to get his master's degree. He emerged with a new profession as a school teacher after graduation, but despite gratification, he knew deep in his heart that acting was his true calling. He quit his job and relaunched his acting career in New York City.

The mustachioed performer's entrance into the world of porn came accidentally after his then girlfriend sent his nude-photo to “Playgirl” Magazine. He modeled for the magazine, a stir pose that created a sensation and prompted the soon to be sex icon to start a career in the adult film industry. With the moniker Ron Jeremy, the Bayside, Queens native, who had his first taste in front of the film cameras in the 1977 comedy “Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses?,” subsequently appeared in hardcore movies such as “Coed Fantasy” (1979), “Mystique” (1979) and “Nanci Blue” (1979). It was after an incident during the set of “Olympic Fever” that Jeremy got the nickname “The Hedgehog” from Bill Margold.

Thank in part to his classical training, Jeremy quickly surfaced as one of the most sought-after actors in the industry with over four hundreds projects under his belt during the 1980s. He won the Best Supporting Actor honor from the Adult Film Association of America (AFAA) for his work in “Suzie Superstar” (1983), starring Shauna Grant, and “All the Way In!” (1984), for which he also received a XRCO nomination for Orgasmic Oral Scene, and the XRCO Award for “Succulent” (1983). Jeremy also directed and wrote a number of adult movies, including 1983's “Once Upon a Secretary” (also a composer and producer), 1986's “Sweet Summer” (also appeared as himself), 1987's “Hot Amber Nights” and 1989's “Family Thighs.”

It was also during the 1980s that Jeremy reached the zenith of his smut success when he was hired as a special consultant for “Nine 1/2 Weeks” (1986), a drama/romance directed by Adrian Lyne and starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. The film went on to become one of the steamies

films of its era and served as the springboard for future mainstream erotic thrillers, including Sharon Stones' “Basic Instinct” (1991). Jeremy again served as consultant for the mystery/thriller “52 Pick-Up” (1986), which starred Roy Scheider, Ann-Margret, John Glover and Kelly Preston. He also was featured in the movie as one of party goers.

By the 1990s, Jeremy had descended into middle-age, but he remained active starring in a number of hardcore videos. He also had never forgotten his dreams to break into Hollywood's mainstream. Indefatigable Jeremy landed a small role as a bank security guard in Roger Avary's crime/thriller, “Killing Zoe” (1994), starring Eric Stoltz and Julie Delpy, and appeared with Charlie Sheen in Adam Rifkin's “The Chase” (1994), where he had a bit part as a news cameramen. He continued to have small parts in such movies as “Ronin” (1998), where his part as fishmonger ended in the cutting room floors, Adam Rifkin's “Detroit Rock City” (1999), appearing as an MC at a male strip-club, Troy Duffy's “The Boondock Saints” (1999), which starred Willem Dafoe, Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus, and the Troma Entertainment production “Terror Firmer” (1999), where he was cast as Will Keenan's father. Jeremy resumed his duty as consultant for the Paul Thomas Anderson 1997 drama “Boogie Nights,” telling the story of a young man's adventures in the Californian pornography industry during the 1970s and 1980s period.

In the meantime, Jeremy was featured in music videos like “Cowboy” by Kid Rock, “No Tengo Dinero” by Los Umbrellos, “The Boys Are Back In Town” by Everclear, and others. In 1996, he recorded a rap single with DJ Polo called “Freak of the Week.” The single peaked at No. 22 on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart and remained on the chart for twenty seven weeks. Later, Jeremy also contributed his vocals to the Hate Fuck Trio's album “Good Songs To Fuck To.”

2001 saw Jeremy become the subject of the documentary film “Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy.” Written and directed by Scott J. Gill, the film was a success and won the Best Film honor at the 2002 Melbourne Underground Film Festival, the Audience Award for Best Documentary and Best Feature at the 2001 No Dance Film Festival and a nomination for Best Documentary at the 2002 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards. Telling about the movie, he said, “It's about my life, from childhood on. Shows me getting into the teaching profession, my family being all war veterans. People are shocked that I was a former schoolteacher. It's a little slice of life, it puts a friendly face on the world of porn; no drugs, no alcohol, no abuse, just a guy, college-educated, who wanted to make a porno film, and ended up being in the porn business. People will find it interesting hopefully.”

Jeremy continued his present in the mainstream scene by appearing in several TV shows such as “The Andy Dick Show,” “The Man Show,” “Nash Bridges” and “Just Shoot Me!.” In addition, he acted in several films, including “Eat Me!” (2000), by Joe Talbott, “American Virgin” (2000), opposite Bob Hoskins and Mark Adair-Rios, the Ben Affleck starring vehicle “Reindeer Games” (2000), helmed by John Frankenheimer, “Alex in Wonder” (2001), “Spun” (2002), which starred Jason Schwartzman, Mickey Rourke, Brittany Murphy and John Leguizamo, and Eric Weston's thriller, “Hitters” (2002). In 2003, he made a self-appearance in the 40-minute length comedy film “Being Ron Jeremy,” which spoofed “Being John Malkovich.”

Jeremy informed his existence in the adult film territory by nabbing Adult Video News Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor – Video in “Burnin' Love” (2002), which cast him as Fat Elvis, and a Grabby nomination for Best Non-Sex Performance in “Porn Academy” (2002), where he played The Headmaster. In 2004, he picked up a Ninfa for Best Actor (Mejor Actor) at the Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival for his work in “Magic Sex Genie” (2004).

Jeremy boosted his profile on Hollywood's mainstream when he landed a gig on the season season of VH-1's reality show, “The Surreal Life,” where he roomed with Eric Estrada of “ChiPs” fame and the rap star of the 80's Vanilla Ice. He was invited back to the series as a participant later in 2007 in “The Surreal Life: Fame Games,” where he placed second under Traci Bingham on the season finale, which broadcast on March 25, 2007.

In 2006, Jeremy was cast in the memorable role of Crazy Ron on “Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead,” a comedy film directed by Lloyd Kaufman and also starring Jason Yachanin, Robin Watkins and Joe Fleishake. He followed it up with roles in the 2007 comedy “Finishing the Game:The Search for a New Bruce Lee,” helmed by Justin Lin, the Ryan Parrott action “Loaded” (2007, as Dr. Fenerty), National Lampoon’s “Homo Erectu” (2007), along with Dave Carradine and Ali Larter, the Travis Wester/Ian Reed Kesler led comedy “Stone & Ed” (2008), Julie Davis's “Finding Bliss”(2008), opposite Denise Richards, Matthew Davis and Leelee Sobieski, “One-Eyed Monster”(2008), along side Charles Napier and Amber Benson, among others.

In 2008, the nominator of the 2007 Adult Video News Award for Crossover Star of the Year, Jeremy received nominations for Best Non-Sex Performance and Crossover Star of the Year at the 2008 Adult Video News Awards for his performance in the hardcore movie “Operation: Desert Stormy” (2007). When asked if he is planning to retire from porn any time soon, he stated, “I will retire from porn when I wake up one morning and find my organ under the pillow. Or I’ll be jogging and I’ll hear this noise (makes popping sound) and find my schmeckle lying somewhere on the ground. But actually I still do porn. I was nominated last year for Desert Stormy and I did a lot of high-profile films, Not the Bradys, Not the Bradys Part II, (and) Bewitched. So, it’s going really well. Still doing adult because the p**** still works; I’m chasing age. As long as the organ works, I’ll do porn -- ‘cause it’s fun, it pays and I still like it, but I’m doing more mainstream, that’s for sure.”

The 56-year-old actor will portray Dave in the 2009 comedy film “Do Not Disturb,” opposite Cary Wayne Moore, Michael David Lally and Jesselynn Desmond, and join Christopher Mascarelli, Christina Leigh, Tiffany Shepis and Corey Haim to star in another comedy, “Trade In” (2009), where he will play Richard Steadman. He is also scheduled to appear in the comedy “A Tribute to Big Red” (2009), with Gary Coleman and Brittney Powell, and the horror “Blood Moon Rising” (2009), directed by Brian Skiba and co-wrote by Skiba and Laurie Love. His voice can also be heard as God in the comedy “Tales from the Catholic Church of Elvis!,” which is in post-production as of August 2008.


  • Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival: Ninfa, Best Actor (Mejor Actor), “Magic Sex Genie, “ 2004

  • X-Rated Critics' Organization (XRCO): Orgasmic Oral Scene, “Succulent,” 1985

  • Adult Film Association of America (AFAA): Best Supporting Actor, “All the Way In!,” 1984

  • Adult Film Association of America (AFAA): Best Supporting Actor, “Suzie Superstar,” 1983

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