Rob Schneider
Birth Date:
October 31, 1963
Birth Place:
San Francisco, California, USA
5' 6
Famous for:
His role as Various on Saturday Night Live (1989-1994)
Terra Nova High School, Pacifica, CA
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Saturday Night Live


“The real reason I decided on show business was to avoid a day job.” Rob Schneider

Actor/writer/comedian/producer/director Rob Schneider is one of “Saturday Night Live” members who has made triumphant transformation to be a recognizable film star. Coming to prominence as a writer and a regular cast on the highly popular comedy sketch “Saturday Night Live” (1990-94), where he took home several Emmy nods, Schneider was notice in Adam Sandler’s hit comedies The Waterboy (1998) and Big Daddy (1999) before finally making a name for himself with his own vehicle, the critically-panned but commercially hit Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999), produced by Sandler. His later roles in such films as The Animal (2001), The Hot Chick (2002) and the immediate hit The Longest Yard (2005, starred Sandler) further confirmed Schneider’s rising status, but he had to deal with disappointment when he won a Razzie Award for his performance in the sequel Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005).

Recently appearing in comedy Grandma’s Boy (2006) and starring in sport-comedy The Benchwarmers (2006), Schneider is set to star in the upcoming comedies Rob Schneider’s Hard R (2006, also an executive producer and writer) and Big Stan (2007, also serves as director and producer).

Aside from acting, Schneider is a businessman. He owns a Los Angeles dance club called The DNA Lounge and restaurant Eleven in his homeland of San Francisco. As for private life, Schneider has been married twice. He lived with model London King from 1988-1990 and is now the husband of a woman named Helena. The father of 17-year-old daughter Chloe (mother London King), Schneider was also formerly involved with former NBC press representative Jill Barron (lived together in early 1990s) and actress/comedian Julia Sweeney (dated in 1991-1994 while both were in “SNL”).

Style of ‘70s

Childhood and Family:

Son of a former kindergarten teacher and a real estate broker, Rob Schneider was born on October 31, 1963, in San Francisco, California. His mother, Pilar Monroe, is of American-Philippines descendent and his father, Marvin Schneider, is a Jewish American. The youngest of five Schneiders, Rob grew up in a small town south of San Francisco named Pasifica. He attended Terra Nova High School in Pacifica and began performing stand up at clubs and cafes after graduation. He left junior college to pursue a career as comedian.

In 1988, Rob was married to model London King, and they welcomed a daughter named Chloe Autumn, the next year. However, the couple decided to live separately a year later. In October 2002, Rob remarried, with Helena. He is an enthusiastic stuff collector and likes to smoke cigars. Additionally, he has a love for wearing ’70s clothes and collects Hawaiian shirts.

Deuce Bigalow


The native of San Francisco, Rob Schneider dropped out of junior college and got his start performing in Haight-Ashbury cafes and comedy clubs. His blend of goofball frolics and self-deprecating wittiness quickly won him attention that he was hired to be the opening for the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Dana Carvey and Jerry Seinfeld. Armed with the success, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he met future “NSL” teammate Adam Sandler, and continued to do stand-up comedy before heading to New York City.
Schneider delivered his big break in 1990 after being spotted by the producer of “Saturday Night Live” Lorne Michaels when he performed in HBO’s 13th Annual Young Comedians Special. Recruited as the show’s writer that same year, Schneider soon progressed into a featured performer and eventually a cast regular. In 1994, however, he decided to leave the series to pursue other projects. During his fruitful stints, Schneider received Emmy nominations for Outstanding Writing in a Variety or Music Program in 1990 and 1991, and for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Variety or Music Program in 1992.

The comic first opportunity to appear on big screen movie came in 1990 when filmmaker David Odell landed him a part in comedy sci-fi film Martians Go Home, starring Randy Quaid, followed by roles in the sports comedy Necessary Roughness (1991, as a sportscaster), the highly successful installment Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992), Demolition Man (1993, was briefly cast as a wimpy cop of the future), as well as the minor films Surf Ninjas (1993) and The Beverly Hillbillies (1993).
After a “SNL” departure, the performer devoted his time for a full-time movie career. He got a costarring part as Sylvester Stallone’s vulnerable sidekick in the action Judge Dredd (1995), teamed up with Kelsey Grammer and Lauren Holly in the lame comedy Down Periscope (1996) and was cast opposite Bebe Neuwirth as an imprecisely anthropomorphic character in Steve Barron’s fantasy The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996). He made a comeback to series TV by starring as Jamie Coleman in the short-lived sitcom “Men Behaving Badly” (1996-97), pairing him with Ron Eldard, and then Ken Marino as unapologetic chauvinist roommates.

Returning to silver screen, Schneider starred opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme in Knock Off (1998) and had a supporting role as Steve in writer-director John Landis Susan’s Plan (1998), which starred Billy Zane and Nastassja Kinski. His career earned a-much-needed-boost when Schneider was additionally featured in highly successful comedies The Waterboy (1998) and Big Daddy (1999), which starred his close friend and ex-“SNL” castmate, Adam Sandler.

Thanks to the reunion, Schneider eventually scored a lead with the Sandler-produced Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999), which directed by Mike Mitchell and co-written by Schneider. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the slapstick comedy, which cast Schneider as fish tank cleaner who takes for granted the personality of a high-living gigolo, was a favorite among audiences.
Lured by the film’s commercially victory, Schneider was exposed to subsequent films with a similar vein like The Animal (2001, portrayed a schnook who undertakes animal traits following manifold organ transplants) with Colleen Haskell and The Hot Chick (2002, starred as supercilious high school beauty turned in a schnook) opposite Anna Faris, Vergi Rodriguez and Matthew Lawrence. The films helped Schneider cemented her star status. In addition, he appeared in the demonic comedy Little Nicky (2000), Mr. Deeds (2002), the Adam Sandler animation vehicle Eight Crazy Nights (2002, voiced a writer and served as the narrator), 50 First Dates (2004, portrayed the close friend and partner to Adam Sandlers’ Henry Roth) and the Disney live action feature Around the World in 80 Days (2004).

Following bit parts in American Crude (2005) and the surprisingly successful remake The Longest Yard (2005, starred Adam Sandler), as well as television movie Back to Norm (2005), Schneider reprised the low-life gigolo role of Deuce Bigalow for the installment Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005). Unfortunately, his efforts were negatively responded and he was handed a 2005 Razzie for Worst Actor.

Recently, Schneider made a cameo in the comedy film Grandma’s Boy (2006), starring Linda Cardellini and Allen Covert, and joined David Spade and Jon Heder to play trio friends who enter a little league baseball tournament in sport-comedy The Benchwarmers (2006) for director Dennis Dugan. He will executive produce, co-write and star in the comedy Rob Schneider’s Hard R (2006) and take triple jobs as director, producer and actor in Big Stan, a comedy for 2007 release.


  • Razzie: Worst Actor, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, 2005
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