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Ricky Gervais: Famous People Like Muppets Being Rude
SP_COP - March 29, 2014 -
Ricky Gervais says famous stars make cameos in the Muppets movies because its great to have somebody be "rude to you".The British funnyman appears in the latest movie caper, 'Muppets Most Wanted', alo...
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Ricky Gervais loves the Muppets 'optimism'
SP_COP - March 26, 2014 -
Ricky Gervais loves the ''optimism'' of the Muppets.The 52-year-old star hits the big screen in the 'Muppets Most Wanted' alongside children's favourites Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the rest of t...
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Gervais bolsters Humane Society support
SP_COP - March 25, 2014 -
Ricky Gervais is bolstering his support for the US Humane Society.The Muppets Most Wanted star and animal activist took to Twitter on Monday, urging fans to consider the importance of the organisation...
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